Drop the sandwich, and put your hands up!

I never wanted to hurt anyone! I feel so used!

I thought I had seen just about everything. Apparently not.

Last week, fifty-year-old Larry Spurling of Melbeta, Nebraska, was beyond angry at his wife. Using logic worthy of George Wickham, Larry said that she made him live in the country, and he was bored “since there is no place to walk.” Excuse me, Larry, but DUH! You are in the country, which is by definition, the best place to walk, and if you had been my husband, I would certainly have told you to take a hike.

Larry’s wife, obviously the brains of the family (not a characteristic which Lydia could claim), abandoned the argument and went to their bedroom with a sandwich. Sounds odd to me, but perhaps the sandwich was better company than her husband. The husband, drunk on a malt liquor called (I’m not making this up) Natty Daddy, followed her, pulled her hair, pushed her down on the bed, and (release that breath you’ve been holding) stuffed the sandwich in her face. The man assaulted his wife with a sandwich!

His wife, again the grown-up in the room (definitely not a Lydia), called 911, and the police arrived to find lunch meat (Salami? Bologna? Inquiring minds want to know!) and bread crumbs littering the room. The husband (still a Wickham) was outside, face down in the grass, about ten feet from the house. I have no picture of the assault because the assaultee had already washed the remaining evidence from her face.

Larry pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace and was sentenced to five days in jail.

I hope that sandwiches are not on the menu.

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37 thoughts on “Drop the sandwich, and put your hands up!

  1. Believe me, I am not siding w/”Mr Wickham” here, no siree, but I live in the country and because of the higher speed limits and the absence of a shoulder or sidewalks, sometimes the country really is not the best place for walking. I have lamented that often…. but still, the guy’s a nut!! Even Wickham would carry his point more charmingly! :-) cheers! ~ annieransom

    • Bwahaha! I was thinking about walking across fields or down dirt roads in the country. I wouldn’t walk along the side of the highway. Too many drunk drivers. A person could end up as roadkill.

      Thanks for commenting, annieransom.

  2. Obviously he was wrong about no place to walk. Well, I guess he likely staggered to the place he fell. Staggering is a form of walking.

    Many years ago my son threw a raisin or a marshmallow (accounts differ on the material, the size is agreed upon) at his younger sister. You should have heard the hollowing. I’m sure if there had been a phone available, she would have called 911.

    I still don’t keep either of these dangerous items in the house.

  3. So, if it had been a club sandwich, with more “weaponry”, would it have been a felony? And if it had been a HOT sandwich, might it have gotten him more counts, maybe even three strikes? “I’m in for whacking my wife with a turkey and tomato panini.” Would slaw or fries bring extra counts of cruelty? This has a lot of potential.

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  5. Y’all are ripe with laughter here! The WKRP episode where they tossed live turkeys out of the plane on Thanksgiving comes to mind, not knowing that turkeys can’t fly. “Oh the inhumanity!” to quote Les Nessman.

    Seems to me that there’s a reason Larry’s wife (soon to be ex – fingers crossed) is keeping him in the country. Would this have turned out differently had he had his own sandwich?

  6. You can keep the bo-lo-nee but I miss Duke’s mayo! Lol It’s hard to find here in KY. I always bring some home w/ me when I go to SC.

    If my husband had done this to me, the police would’ve had to do a cavity search to recover the evidence ;)

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