Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. If my calculations are correct, Mr. Hinds turned 60 with this birthday. I haven’t seen him in anything new for some time but I hope he’s aging well. One of the reasons I like him is other than a little dental intervention, over the years I haven’t noticed any “work” on the soft tissue. He’s always had those high Irish cheekbones so no implants there.

    It’s embarrassing that I study his face so closely. And honestly, these days especially, it’s because he’s still my Wentworth Template. (So that means looking at him in an 80s movie called A Dark Adapted Eye, where he used one of the worst Italian accents I’ve ever heard.)

    Anyhow, Happy Birthday, Mr. Hinds.

  2. Sorry, can’t see the attraction there.

    I don’t like pretty men. This is from my youth. Ex: give me Tonto over the Lone Ranger any day. Spock over Kirk. Heck, I’ll take Snape over any of that Potter lot!

    Nope, Mr. Cavil may be a nice guy. He’s not enough to peak my interest.

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