Yes, I should be writing…

…but I’m not. Don’t judge me!

Here’s what I have been doing.

For Valentine’s Day. Sort of.





One for the guys:


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About Susan Kaye

Writer who avoids writing and a foodie who dislikes cooking.
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10 Responses to Yes, I should be writing…

  1. Gayle Mills says:

    Well, you were writing — just not the story we’re waiting for.
    It’s Valentine’s Day; don’t be so hard on yourself. You can work on your story later this evening. :)

  2. Laura Hile says:

    Are you apologizing? For creating captioned photos? An old practice for us, and a source of howling delight. You HAVE BEEN writing, my dear!

    Thanks for sharing these. After a busy day teaching, I can use the smiles, yes.

  3. Susan Kaye says:

    After I recommended the captioned photos at Maggie’s Farm in the comments of THIS post, I thought I should give my favorite fictional people an equal shot.

  4. Robin Helm says:

    Funny, Susan. You should do memes.

  5. Susan Kaye says:

    As with the “turbo” in Galaxy Quest’s NSEA Protector, I only do this sort of humor in short boosts. Can we all agree that juvenile humor is the last refuge of a writer procrastinating?

  6. Susan Kaye says:

    I’ve decided that the “Leering Captain” pic is going to be my source of inspiration. Maybe a weekly The Wisdom of Wentworth post is in order.

  7. Gayle Mills says:

    I like that idea, too. Maybe we could do several “Wisdom” columns from different characters.

Why yes, we DO want a piece of your mind. ;-)

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