Finally! Sheldon Cooper sees the truth!


“Amy’s beloved Pride and Prejudice is a flawless masterpiece. He has too much pride. She has too much prejudice. It just works.”

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Writer who avoids writing and a foodie who dislikes cooking.
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4 Responses to Finally! Sheldon Cooper sees the truth!

  1. Laura Hile says:

    Or does she have the pride and he the prejudice?

    Now that I’m working with everybody’s favorite Elizabeth, I have questions, yes.

    (We inch closer to resuming weekly posts for Darcy By Any Other Name, er, once I get Elizabeth Bennet figured out. It seems she and I have much in common. But then, I also have much in common with the so-opinionated, so-superior Other Elizabeth (Miss Elliot). So what does that mean?)

    • Robin Helm says:

      It means that you make this Elizabeth your own. There are many ways to look at Elizabeth Bennet. She was not a one-dimensional character. Have to say I’m excited to hear that you’re nearly ready to post again.

      Susan, I watched that episode of BBT, and I hooted when Sheldon said that. I’m weird, I guess, because I really like Sheldon.

      • Susan Kaye says:

        I know in real life, Sheldons are maddening to live with. But, as a character on TV, he’s great. What I find disturbing is how often I agree with his observations about people’s actions and emotions. I’m more Ausberger’s than I care to admit.

Why yes, we DO want a piece of your mind. ;-)

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