Sisterhood of the Traveling Books (Episode 3)

What's that in that man's hands? What's he reading? Good night! It's SOULFIRE!

What’s that in that man’s hands? What’s he reading? Good night! It’s SOULFIRE!

Monday afternoon, my daughter Melanie and I boarded a rather small jet in Charlotte, NC, to begin the first leg of our 28 hour journey to Iwakuni, Japan. We had a layover in Houston, and then another in Los Angeles. After we had navigated the labyrinth which passes for an airport in L.A., switching from the domestic terminals to the international ones (with nary a sign to tell us anything), I finally had time to scout around a little before boarding our third flight – an eleven-hour marathon on ANA to Tokyo. Our fourth flight, after hanging around the Tokyo airport for four hours, was a much shorter flight to Iwakuni. This small town, Southern country girl definitely got a big-time edumacation.

Reading material for bears in Los Angeles - SoulFire.

Reading material for bears in Los Angeles – SoulFire.

SoulFire beside Channing Tatum. One has nothing to do with the other, but the last time I blogged about Channing Tatum, the post got mega-hits.

SoulFire beside Channing Tatum. One has nothing to do with the other, but the last time I blogged about Channing Tatum, the post got mega-hits.

That’s Channing Tatum wearing clothes on the GQ cover – just in case you didn’t recognize him in disguise.

Today we’re walking a little in downtown Iwakuni. My brand-spanking-new granddaughter, Charlie, is all dressed up, so expect PICTURES!!!!!

We’re going to eat lunch while we’re out and about, and all the menus are in Japanese.

I don’t know Japanese, so say a little prayer for me. Squid, octopus, and insects are not on my favored food list.

Hangin' out with Laura Bush in an airport bookstore.

Hangin’ out with Laura Bush in an airport bookstore.

One of my friends sat in front of Laura Bush on an airplane last week and sneaked a picture of her. Well, “sneaked” may be a little strong. She was, after all, smiling at the camera. The closest I got to a celebrity was this bookstore.

Gotta run! After lunch, I’m going to make some very un-Japanese banana bread. Upside down pizza is on the menu for dinner. In between, I’m on a plant rescue mission. My daughter has a few plants that need my brand of TLC, and I’ve also convinced her that her life will never be complete without coleus and caladiums.

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Robin Helm has published all three volumes of The Guardian Trilogy, Guardian, SoulFire, and Legacy. She has also published two books in her new Yours by Design Series - Accidentally Yours and Sincerely Yours. She is presently posted the third book, Forever Yours, on and plans to publish it in late winter or early spring. She and her husband have two adult daughters and two dogs - a Yorkie, Tobey, and a Maltese teacup, Chloe. Ms. Helm graduated with a BA from Piedmont International University. She is a member of the Delta Epsilon Chi honor society, the American Legion Auxiliary, and the scholarship faculty of the United States Achievement Academy.
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5 Responses to Sisterhood of the Traveling Books (Episode 3)

  1. Gayle Mills says:

    Living the life of Riley, I see. Or is it your books that are living the life?

    • Robin Helm says:

      The books are having a blast, but so am I. I made the girls upside down pizza for supper. We had Indian food in a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Very odd. I still have no idea what it was.

  2. Susan Kaye says:

    It’s amazing how these books keep cropping up wherever you happen to be, Robin. BTB, they don’t need a passport, do they?

    • Robin Helm says:

      I know I’m always surprised by their appearances, Susan. As for passports, it has been my experience that the two most important things in my possession as I travel are the passport and money. I brought a good bit of dead weight which I wish I had left at home.

      • Susan Kaye says:

        That’s how it always is. We pack for things that never happen. And thank goodness they never do as my imagination tilts to the dark.

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