“We’re gonna go through it together … “

” … through thick and through thin, all out or all in, we’re gonna go through it together.”*

I don’t doodle with pen and paper anymore. I have gone digital. The photo below is my latest:


It’s a representation of how things would have been if Laura Hile hadn’t come back from the edge. I’ve known her longer than I care to tell, (but it’s measured in decades), and the hole in my life would have been significant. And as the graphic shows, it would have left a jagged tear where a friend used to be.

Memorial Day is coming and while it is a day set aside to remember those who have died in war, thinking of death is never limited to one group or category. So, do you have a jagged placed left by an untimely leaving? If you care to share, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


*From the song, Together, Wherever We Go, by Stephen Sondheim, from the play Gypsy (Lyrics here)

Forever Yours Winners!

Forever Yours, KindleI’m pleased to announce the winners of the Forever Yours giveaway today.

Congratulations to faith hope & cherrytea, winner of the print copy, and Pam Rothrock Hunter, winner of the kindle copy. I hope you enjoy this final book in the Yours by Design series.

Thank you to everyone who entered. I appreciate your help in publicizing my book release.

For those who are interested, the wedding is thirty-nine days away and counting. Excuse me while I hyperventilate and paint the porch again.

To Be Young Again

My husband power-washed our front porch Saturday, and I plan to paint it this week. The back porch is badly in need of new paint as well.

I’d also like to hire someone to paint my kitchen cabinets, two bathrooms, and my office.

Isn’t it interesting that a little paint can cover so many flaws and make a porch or a room look new again – clean and fresh?

I wish it were as easy to cover my own personal physical imperfections and flaws. I think there’s a book in there somewhere.

Robin & Melly

Lately, I’ve been wishing I could be young again. Is that just part of passing sixty and seeing it in the rear view mirror? I think of how lovely it would be to move easily, without pain; to have back my photographic memory; to have unlimited energy; to see in minute detail; to wear fashionable shoes; to hear perfectly; to look in the mirror and be somewhat pleased with what is looking back at me. Wouldn’t it be nice to skip the medicines in the morning and at night? I would love for my girls to be children again.

I know how shallow that all sounds.

Therein lies the book. What would you trade for youth?

Good news about Laura Hile

get_well_kate   So Laura Hile is home. Her husband said she’s still weak but in good spirits. Prayers and good thoughts are still much appreciated

UPDATE: I texted Laura last night just to wish her well and she responded.

Every day she’s feeling a bit better and she let me know this handy factoid: the rule-of-thumb for recovery is seven days of home recovery for every day in the ICU, and 3 days home recovery for every day in a regular hospital room. That works out to be approximately 50 days of recovery time for our girl.

Leave it to Laura Hile to find out the approved timeline for recovery.  ;-)

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Summer Sojourns

We’re very close to the end of school, and I know many of you are planning your vacations.


I found a list of the ten best historic Southern attractions, and you can vote for your favorite HERE. I voted for Mount Vernon, though Monticello was a close second with me. I felt that seeing the homes of U.S. Presidents Washington and Jefferson taught me a great deal about their personalities.

For instance, Washington continued to add rooms to his house because he loved company. I think one of his “guests” stayed five years!


President Jefferson was the opposite in that respect. His home showed his love for inventions and music. He also placed a high value on his privacy. There were no guest rooms in his house. Guests stayed in small buildings a little distance from the main house. I can’t imagine anyone staying five years in one of those cabins. I would imagine that’s why he built them; he didn’t really want guests.

Other sites on the list were 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama; The Alamo; Angel Oak Tree in John’s Island, S.C.; Appomattox Court House; Arlington National Cemetery (Robert E. Lee’s home on that site); Colonial Williamsburg; Dexter Parsonage Museum in Montgomery, Alabama; Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama; Fort Sumter National Monument in Charleston, S.C.; Fort-SumterGraceland; Harper’s Ferry National Historic Park; Historic District of St. Augustine, Florida; Little Rock Central High School; Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee; Manassas National Battlefield Park; Montpelier in Orange, Virginia; Natchez-Trace Parkway; and the University of Virginia.

Arlington National Cemetery

I’ve been to Mount Vernon, Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, Arlington National Cemetery, Fort Sumter, and St. Augustine, and they are all wonderful places to visit. I live in an area which is rich with monuments honoring Civil War heroes and battlefields, so I have very little desire to visit more of those. I also care nothing for seeing Elvis Pressley’s home.


I’m staying home most of the summer, but it will be neither quiet nor boring. My elder daughter and granddaughter are coming from Japan on June 10th to stay for a month and be in my younger daughter’s wedding (June 27th), so I’ll have plenty to do. We may take a short visit to Myrtle Beach.

My younger daughter and her fiance will likely move soon after they wed. My husband and I will help her with that move as her new husband will probably already be there.

What are  your summer plans?