R.I.P. Laptop

The sad news came in yesterday. Woe is me, my faithful laptop has died. Along with many files I was meaning to back up but didn’t.

OH well. Worries for another day.

Because, whoo-hoo, it’s Spring Break! I am out of the classroom and hitting the open road. For I’m bound for California … with my Kindle on my knee! (sorry) Without the laptop it will be a week of reading. And writing will be by hand in a notebook.

We head out early tomorrow, making the 1000 mile drive in one day. I’m expecting snow through the mountains, both in the north and in the south. And monster rainstorms / landslides / flooding once we arrive at the coast. Ha! So much for California Dreamin’!

Like I said, lots of reading. Hooray!


Ps. Speaking of writing, the next Persuading Elizabeth is half finished, but was missing the exciting parts. What good is a romance without those? It’ll be up on the 30th.


2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Laptop

  1. Laura Hile Post author

    Gayle, I do back up my files. (Okay, most of the time.) And then … I am ashamed to confess … I lose the flash drive.


    Is there hope for me? *sigh* I am too danged busy, you know?

    πŸ™‚ Laura



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