What to do, what to do…

This is the first time in a loooong time that I’ve finished writing a book and not had another writing project lined up to work on next. I do have a story I’ve started (in a wildly different genre) that I probably should finish, but I don’t think most of the readers of my Regency fiction would be interested in it. “Build a brand” say the advice- for-writers blogs…and I agree with them. I should keep writing Knightley and Emma’s story…what happens after they marry?  Or, at least, I could write another Regency-era book.  A mystery, perhaps?

So far, my writing output is terribly eclectic. I have non-fiction (A chapter in a textbook about how to run a community college, a devotional book for homeschooling moms), Christian children’s fiction (complete with unit study for homeschoolers), Christian historical romance fiction (an early effort–don’t read it), and the Knightley books. And published under three different names. Kinda hard to build a brand around that!

It’s been very satisfying to immerse myself back into the homeschooling routine this autumn without having an unfinished book hanging over my head. Kind of like when you’ve finished final exams or something. My house is a lot cleaner, too. 🙂

So, all of that to say…I don’t know what I’m going to write yet. But it will be something, because I already miss writing. I’ll keep you posted.



4 thoughts on “What to do, what to do…

  1. stephanie

    While I know you must write as the muse guides you, I would love for you to continue Knightley and Emmas story. Your two previous works are some of my favorites.


  2. Susan Kaye

    The eclectic mind is no help when choosing writing projects. I’m attracted to shiny things and go wandering away–always using the excuse that I will return to the “primary project” refreshed, with a new perspective.

    That rarely happens.

    Maybe dumping a bunch of random ideas in a hat and drawing one out would work. Then you can blame the luck of the draw!


  3. Jennifer G.

    Barbara, please just write. I was thinking today (after I had read your post but before I posted…. It can happen in my life… Got kids? Got interruptions….
    Anyway, what I was thinking was what about including your homeschooled kids into writing with you? Maybe they (not knowing age, sex, how many, interests and all) would like to write a fairy tale with you, turn one of their favorites reads into a different book depending on the character they choose, etc. I think this would be a delightful way to write and teach and see what happens. But please just write. I have enjoyed all I have read from you (and I would read more if I knew the other names….). Emma and Knightley do need to be continued but maybe you need to tred other pathways (and follow something SHINY as Susan says!) and let your mind have some good old fashioned writing fun!
    Sorry. I did not realized I would have so much to say!


  4. Laura Hile

    I’m with you, Jennifer. Heck, I’d read Barbara’s grocery list with interest! 🙂

    I understand the dilemma, and it’s a “Physician, heal thyself” moment. Having set the bar very high, the next book must be at least as good.



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