The only thought I had

Last night I watched the debut of a show on NBC called, “Whitney.” It was an accident. There was nothing else on and I was too lazy to hit the OFF button on the remote. (Lesson learned there.)

I knew the gal was a train wreck. Whitney in real life is a stand-up comedian. She said in an interview that she loved the show because she gets to say vulgar and outrageous things–that all of us want to say but don’t–and she gets paid for it.

Well, as I watched, the only thought I had was these people HAVE to know how terrible their dialog is as they are saying. Like eating bad fish, you know it while it’s happening, right? I suppose not. They kept saying it.

Oh, and Whitney, NO, not everyone wants to say that sort of stuff. It would never cross my mind to say most of that execrable junk. Maybe for pay, but probably not.

Have a good weekend–Susan Kaye


One thought on “The only thought I had

  1. Gayle Mills

    The rotten fish was such an apt metaphor for the rottenness of most of what passes for entertainment these days. Ewwwww……….

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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