A $79 Kindle!

This is old news from earlier in the week, but this picture has me smiling.

Yes, it means my current Kindle is outdated. As a consumer I’m bummed. But as an author I am elated. Because, you see, 63% of my sales are on Kindle. And in good time for Christmas, too! (A Kindle is the perfect gift for Mom. And for future holidays, give her Amazon gift cards!)

So I thought I’d share my 25-year-old (Generation Y?) son’s response to the photo.

“So if you’re going to buy a Kindle,” he said sagely, “you’ll be spending $79. Why not pay a little more and get the Kindle Touch? And the FREE 3G version is only $50 more. Why not get that instead? AND THEN, since the Kindle Fire is only $50 more than the 3G, THAT’S the one you should buy. Just sayin.”

Well okay then.

I’d be happy with the cheapest one! Michael says there’s a label for the kind of consumer I am: a Laggard. Ha!

Happy Friday!

(Image is a link to the article at MSNBC’s Gadgetbox)


3 thoughts on “A $79 Kindle!

  1. Susan Kaye

    Yeah, well, in 15 years when Michael is married, feeding bottomless children, paying rent or a mortgage that is out of sight, trying to keep gas–or rays of sunshine–in the car to haul those children around, working every waking minute to put new electronics into the mitts of those kids, and he mentions buying the lowest range item, remind him of his laggard comment.

    At least he didn’t say Luddite.

    Thing is, I have to agree. The Fire is not an iPad, but it gets you in the game.


  2. Jennifer G.

    Did ya’ll see the Seth Myers “weekend update” on Saturday night Live”? (Sat. 10/1). He mentions the Kindle Fire. Said it should be “very popular” with “parents who always buy the wrong thing.” My husband and I nearly woke up the kids rolling with laughter! We could see ourselves in this exact place! We have Kindle (LOVE IT!) and enjoy dreaming of an Ipad but I think I might wait until I can afford Ipad before jumping in the game. I too feed bottomless children and all the other things listed above. BUT, good things come to those who wait!



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