Yes, it’s Monday

And no, you are not hallucinating. These trees are real. The product, no doubt, of some tree farmer’s warped sense of humor.

Want to learn more? Poland’s Mysterious Crooked Forest


7 thoughts on “Yes, it’s Monday

  1. Susan Kaye

    Arches. I’m thinking pre-fab arches. Rather than building gigantic steam boxes to bend straight wood, it’s obvious that this Polish farmer thought slicing off slabs of curved wood would find a ready market. Well, the world went a little nuts, decades passed and the idea faded into obscurity.

    Maybe arches could become all the rage once more.


  2. Jennifer G.

    Hmm… I had NO IDEA that this forest was in IRELAND! Aren’t you “researching” Ireland these days? What a right turn (or is it left turn? It’s been a LONG day in elementary land…) you took on your way to Barbara’s house…. tee hee! Great photo! yes, I vote for arches… way easier than steaming them… Happy Monday


  3. Jennifer G.

    Ahh!! I KNEW there was a connection…. See? THAT’S why you are the writer and I am the reader…. I seem to believe almost anything!!! tee hee!



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