“We’re making a baby!” Giveaway

Davies and Babies

What a delight it was to hear the background stories of Andrew Davies Austen movies at the 2011 JASNA in October! His reminiscences flowed until the session time was nearly over. Pride and Prejudice, he claimed, was the easiest to bring to screen. It seemed ready made for adaptation. The hardest Austen novel for him to screen write was Emma or the “little rich bitch,” as he dubbed her. Although he had little sympathy for his main character, I’d venture to say that he did quite well. We’ve been treated to several versions of Emma over the years, but Davies’ remains the most faithful…and Mark Strong the best Mr. Knightly of them all.

And here we come to the 2nd contest. The winner will get a signed copy of Jane Austen Made Me Do It.

During the filming of Emma, a serious hitch developed because an important scene was not able to be filmed. The scene takes place at the Woodhouse estate and the entire family is present including Emma’s nieces and nephews. At one point the youngest niece, a baby, is handed around the room. For some inexplicable reason, the baby took exception to one of those who was to handle her and wailed every time that person held her. So, another baby was brought in to play the niece. The same thing happened with the same actor/actress. Time was running out. Finally Davies told a crew member to go to the local grocer’s and buy several bags of beans to be sewn into sacks made up to appear like a baby (from the back). The crew member ran to the grocer’s and bought the beans. Knowing his customer was from the film crew, the grocer was curious. “Why do you need all those beans?” The crew member replied, “We’re making a baby!”

Who was the actor/actress who scared babies?

Emma Woodhouse

Miss Jane Fairfax

Mr Knightley

Mr John Knightley

Mr Woodhouse


6 thoughts on ““We’re making a baby!” Giveaway

  1. Barbara Cornthwaite

    I know! I know! It was Mark Strong as Mr. Knightley.
    I have to say that Mark Strong is my least favourite Mr. Knightley (too angry, not enough smiling), and thus that particular adaptation my least favourite. I do appreciate many things about it, though, particularly the portrayal of Jane Fairfax.

    p.s. I do have a U.S. mailing address if I win. 🙂


  2. Susan Kaye

    This is a great story, Pamela. when I saw the title for the post, I was a bit nervous about what I might find. You know those weird creative types! 😉

    I’m not entering but I’ll guess it was Kate Beckensale who caused all the ruckus. Emma was her prechild days and she was likely nervous about holding a wiggly one.

    Again, great story.


  3. Luthien84

    It’s definitely Mark Strong as Mr Knightley. I read it somewhere on one of the JA blogs I usually visit. I already have a copy of JAMMDI so not entering this time and want to give others a shot at winning.


  4. Jennifer G.

    I’m going with Mr. Knightley. I do not like this version of Emma as much as another one, especially this Mr. Knightley. Funny how we all have our preferences. It is also cute to see how they were ‘making a baby’


  5. Kelli H.

    I’m going to say it was Mr. Knightley who scared the baby. I also have to say, Mark Strong is my least favorite Mr. Knightley. I am a Jonny Lee Miller fan all the way! It was actually the 2009 Emma that brought me into this wonderful world of Jane Austen, so that adaptation holds a very special place in my heart!!=)


  6. stephanie carrico

    I think Mr Knightley scared baby Emma….a little too stern for my Mr Knightley….I adore Jonny Lee Millers Mr Knightley….he got the role spot on…



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