You Know…

it’s a miserable day when the latest adaptation of Jane Eyre is too upbeat.



6 thoughts on “You Know…

  1. Jennifer G.

    I am not sure what you are talking about but I think that “upbeat” and “Jane Eyre” in the same sentence is forbidden by law… Details please.


  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    @Gayle-Yes, that’s the one. I’ll have to watch it again since I was not paying much attention. Maybe that says enough and I don’t need to watch it again. Much like the books that don’t get our attention.

    @Jennifer G.-It’s a version that was released in theatres this summer. The leads look good, but it was one of those out-of-sequence sort of deals and I’m not much on those. It was very raggedy to me. The director went right to the core of the scenes and didn’t do much to smoothly transition from one to another.

    There were lovely wide shots of the scenery, much like ’06 P&P.

    It’s worth a look if you’re a true Jane Eyre fan, but if you aren’t, spend your sous elsewhere.


  3. Gayle Mills

    So much of the story was missing, that a person who didn’t know anything about Jane Eyre would have come away from viewing that film without a true picture of the story. I just didn’t like Mia’s portrayal of Jane. She and Michael F. didn’t invite sympathy or empathy.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I agree about the confusion part. But, I think the 1995 adaptation of Persuasion is confusing as well. While I was reading the novel, I had a lot of ah ha moments.

      The characterizations were straight and cold. I have to say I think they were on target, but even in that, there has to be some sympathy and I agree you don’t have much for them. And they sure didn’t engender any when I fond myself doing the laundry rather than watch them.


  4. Jennifer G.

    Maybe that’s the one I just watched on Redbox. I watched it at the dining room table (the kids had the “big” tv and I was “making do” with the portable dvd player. I told my hubby I was “more confused than ever” and he watched a few minutes and had to agree. I think that is one reason I just prefer to read!



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