Update to, Yes, it is snowing …

here on Jane Started It!

I like snow, in movies, photographs, my imagination. I just don’t like being in it. Or having it fall around my house where I have to shovel it.

The falling snow is a little present from WordPress that will go away on January 4th. Until then, we can enjoy without the digging.

New bit of info: You can play with the flakes. Your cursor will cause the flakes to “blow” in the opposite direction. Play away, folks.

Take care–Susan Kaye


4 thoughts on “Update to, Yes, it is snowing …

  1. Laura Hile

    Oh, man, I LOVE snow.

    Here in Portland, Oregon, snow is a rarity. Meaning that the city does not invest in enough snow plows to clear every street. (Works for me!)

    Then too, at just below freezing, our snow is unnavigable. Experienced drivers from the northeast / mountain areas shake their heads at supposed cowardice and head out. But when they see vehicles sliding and/or colliding, they meekly turn tail and head home. That was me when I moved here. (Keeping the car in the driveway beats having to pay an insurance deductible!)

    So when Portland gets snow, we close down. Including schools. And I tell you what, the Snow Day is the best gift for a teacher!

    I will very much enjoy seeing flakes drifting across the WordPress screen. And will hope like anything for a nice big storm from Canada …


  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    I remember a few years ago when a storm hit on the last night of Christmas vacation, and you wound up being off for another full week. Of course, I had no power for five days, but I’m glad somebody had a good time out of it!


  3. Sophia Rose

    We have been getting snow here in Michigan, but we always get snow. It is so beautiful. I never tire of seeing it come down, but I hate the dirty slush when it is melting.

    Enjoy your snow days from school! When I taught, we were only allowed 3 and boy, did we look forward to them as much as the kids.


  4. Jennifer G.

    Obviously, I live WAY SOUTH of Ya’ll! The snow on the screen is as much as I will most likely see in my winter. Of course, here (near/at the beach) even flakes cause issues! Classes were told to take kids outside the one day it snowed as most kids had never seen snow….. I did enjoy “playing” with the snow! Fun fun!



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