Beauty in Black and White

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7 thoughts on “Beauty in Black and White

  1. Slowdecline's Educational Articles

    Black & White is such a beautiful medium unfortunately there are few who even know how to properly process negatives anymore. Luckily digital doesn’t do that bad of a job of rendering it to a pretty high degree. The sad thing is I see so many parents who never use this medium when producing photos of their children, it shows so much more detail than color in portraits, architecture and scenics. For those of you with children think about using a less expensive software product to get some B&W’s of your kids.


  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    I personally love B&W photos. My grandfather was an amateur photographer who shot mostly B&W. and you’re right about children’s photography. I think parents are afraid that B&W will “age” the child, but I think it brings a wonderful depth to most pictures.


  3. Gayle Mills

    This is a beautiful picture, Susan. Perfectly symmetric. I think I might have to write a short story about this. I feel inspired.



  4. Susan Kaye Post author

    I found it amongst some victoriana on Pinterest and just fell in love. As you say, the symmetry is probably what makes it so soothing. It took me a long time to even notice the headlights and people on the sidewalks.

    Write away, Gayle.


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  6. Susan Kaye Post author

    The density of the fog in the pic is approximately that out my window this morning. I missed the lunar eclipse because of it. Oh well, the next total lunar eclipse will be in 2014. I plan to attend.



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