Nothing Catchy

just an admonition that you make this the year you get your affairs in order.

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Make sure you have a will, at least write out how you want your family to … manage your remains, and make sure you gather all important documents someplace and then tell somebody!

If anything unfortunate happens to you in the coming year, don’t frustrate your loved ones to the point they’re glad you’re gone!

Take care–Susan Kaye


4 thoughts on “Nothing Catchy

  1. Robin Helm

    My husband and I have sweetheart wills as well as living wills. I have also thought about typing a list of music I want for my funeral and people I would prefer to speak. I thought it might make it easier for my family if I did that myself. Of course, if they wanted to change anything, I really wouldn’t care. Obviously!


  2. Gayle Mills

    It took me over a year to settle my mother’s estate, and she wasn’t a wealthy woman. She had a will and much of her assets were in a trust, but there were so many other things that had not been addressed. For example, I didn’t know that she held stock in Wachovia until a brokerage statement came in the mail. Then there was the matter of coming up with equitable ways of dividing her estate assets among her six children (or their families). It’s such a simple line in a will, “equally divided,” but carrying out that simple instruction is anything but simple.

    Your reminder is very timely. I made a will, but it was years ago when my children were teenagers and I had only one grandchild. They’re in their thirties now, and I have been blessed with 5 grandchildren. So, I definitely need to revisit my will and revise it.

    I hope you are doing well, and that any complications are unraveling for you.



  3. Laura Hile

    Ouch, timely reminder. Thanks.

    Who knows, my books could do a Stieg Larsson (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc) and become posthumous bestsellers! Not that I’m planning my demise as a marketing campaign … 🙂



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