Welcome Aboard, Robin and Gayle!

That’s right. Our Crown Hill Writers’ Guild family is growing. Hooray!

We are thrilled to welcome Robin Helm and Gayle Mills to our lineup of authors. Tell you what, these girls can write.

It happens that they’re sisters. Does this mean double trouble? We sure hope so. (In fact, I know so. Once they see the profile photo I dug up, I’m toast! Oh yes.)

"Robin" and "Gayle"

Gayle teaches high school math, is a musician and a writer. Those of you who frequent DarcyandLizzy.com have seen her work there. You’ve also seen her here as the wry and witty ‘scmema.’

Robin, who is equally clever, is also a teacher, a musician, and a published author. I’m currently reading the first in her Guardian Trilogy, and I’m very impressed. Austen’s characters serve as a launching platform for her modern Christian fantasy romance. Wait until you meet her Xander (Darcy), girls. I won’t give anything away, but wow. Just wow.

Now, those of you who love details have noticed that there are seven, not six, bathing beauties perched on that car. It has to do with principles of composition, but still. A reminder that there’s always room for one more like-minded author here.


14 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard, Robin and Gayle!

  1. Gayle Mills

    OK, Laura, when did Robin give you that picture? Just so you know, you got the order wrong. I am NOT the one with the saggy boobs. (She’s going to kill me for that.) Actually, those trophies in our hands were for coming in first and second in the spelling bee. We thought we were entering a sports wii tournament. Well, you have to be versatile these days.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the fun here. I am looking forward to many interesting conversations with the authors and the readership of this site.

    Let’s talk.


  2. Robin Helm

    Let’s just get something straight up front – I am the younger sister – by four years. Maybe you don’t think that matters after 50, but it does. So, whichever of those ladies looks younger would be me. Since I was a cheerleader, and she actually made the varsity basketball team (I was left on JV for three years, decided that was not my forte, and moved on), she should be the one in the questionable athletic get-up, and I would have the umbrella and weird dress.

    I actually have black-and-whites of the two of us growing up together, and I’m not afraid to use them.


  3. Robin Helm

    I think I got off-topic just a tad. I am extremely honored to be listed with such an august group of writers, and I look forward to getting to know everyone.

    By the way, I’m one of the few women I know who claims to be older than her age rather than younger. I look smashing for an eighty-year-old, but not so much as a fifty-something woman.


  4. Susan Kaye

    Welcome Robin and Gayle. I’m glad to welcome you into the slightly off center world of Jane Started It! We seem to be one of those blogs that
    can’t make up its mind as to what we are about.

    Regardless, we offer a lot of freedom here and I’m looking forward to seeing what you all bring to the table.


    1. Robin Helm

      Thanks, Susan. My mind is sort of random, so I enjoy the freedom to write about whatever strikes me at the moment. I appreciate the warm welcome.


  5. Gayle Mills

    Thanks, ladies, for the warm welcome. I look forward to many wonderful conversations here. I’ve always felt very at home on this board and free to express my opinions on the varied subjects that were being discussed. I hope more of our readers will become participants and talk with us.


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