Happy Birthday, Mr. Hinds

Gotta love that tux!

Thursday is Ciaran Hinds’s birthday. He was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1953. To my shame, I know the birthdays of only three other men: my husband, my son, and my brother. I guess I’ve spend enough time with Hinds’s image that he seems like family.

Anyway, Mr. Hinds will be 59 and I wish him many more happy years.

Anne is thankful that William wore his gloves for the sitting.

I think that many of us Austen Authors should be grateful to the actors and actresses who have portrayed our favourite Austen heroes and heroines. How many of us took to writing after seeing Jennifer and Colin portray Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam? I know seeing Hinds and Amanda Root give life to Frederick and Anne came before my reading Persuasion. Even Samuel West as William Walter Elliot helped me visualize the characters and settings, and that helped me to risk humiliation and write my first story, Plymouth. These actors helped most of us find our voices.

Writers, which, if any of the actors in the many adaptations have inspired you? Readers, of the many actors, who best portrays your ideal Austen hero or heroine.

From one artist to another, thank you Mr. Hinds for inspiring me to write and to take a chance. Many happy returns of the day.

Take care–Susan Kaye


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mr. Hinds

  1. AmyFlo

    Well, I commented on Austen Authors, but why not add more b-day well wishes here and on his actual birthday.
    He’s the best Wentworth by a mile. You can plainly see that this is a man who could command a warship into battle (and totally kick butt). Mix that with his uber sweet befuddlement when meeting up with Anne at Molland’s, and he’s downright swoon worthy. /sigh/ He’s not conventionally handsome, but he’s just, well, a *man*.
    He’s also quite charming in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (had to comment on your other movie screencap). He’s a very talented actor who has enjoyed a prolific career. Seeing him next to Colin Firth in TTSS was pure Austen Fangirl delight. Darcy and Wentworth, hangin’ out talking spy stuff.



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