Smile, it’s Saturday

In honor of my mess up about Barbara’s book yesterday:

In honor of Barbara and Gayle who have had the misfortune to edit my writing:

In honor of Laura and Robin who are musically inclined:

In honor of Lady Pamela:

Just because I like them:

All of these graphics are from SNORGTEES.COM . They have a page full of smileables.

Have a good one.

Susan Kaye


3 thoughts on “Smile, it’s Saturday

  1. Robin Helm

    I’m so honored to be honored. I played for 2 1/2 hours at a rehearsal tonight, and we’ll perform 4 times tomorrow. Say a prayer for me if you think of it.


  2. Laura Hile

    Thank you, my friend,for the Saturday smiles.

    I took a weekend break from the Internet — imagine that! 🙂 I couldn’t help myself. Friday we had sun, and also on Saturday and Sunday. I went outside as much as I could and soaked in the rays (while weeding). After church, it was back outside to sit at coffee house patio.

    Now it’s raining … and I’m back on-line. Such is spring.



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