Sir Walter is in The Metropolis tonight

"Left the Visa card on the dressing table again.
And I'm a little short on cash..."

It’s the height of the Season, and you can bet that Sir Walter Elliot is into the London scene, social networking with the ton.

Or, more accurately, with those of the gentry who will receive him. (Sir William Lucas, perhaps?)

Marrying Well for Fun and Profit will resume Wednesday, May 2nd.

Until then, the Marrying Well Archive will have to suffice. Because one can never get enough of Sir Walter Elliot. Or … not. Ha!

2 thoughts on “Sir Walter is in The Metropolis tonight

  1. Laura Hile Post author

    I’m sorry, Robin! You can smile at the dandy picture, I guess.

    I have my Creative Writing contest posting this evening—getting those pages up was more work than I anticipated! —and also a Mary Musgrove Pride and Precedence post to finish for Austen Authors.

    Charles has mentioned that he wants to go camping—did they do that during the Regency? Whatever the issue, Mary wants no part of it.



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