So Lively a Chase at Austenprose!

Austenprose reviewer Christina Boyd put up her second review of the Mercy’s Embrace series today.

It’s such a wonder when a reader enjoys my books.

5 Regency stars.

And if you haven’t yet entered the international giveaway, now’s the time to do so.

Post a comment or a question for me to answer … and I shall!

(Sorry. I teach English!)


5 thoughts on “So Lively a Chase at Austenprose!

  1. Robin Helm

    So true, Gayle. That beta is always alive and well in my mind, and I love reading books that put duct tape over her mouth.


  2. Jennifer G.

    Same. I get so distracted by the mistakes I loose the story. But I do have a question: what happened with the guys? Did we ever get a winner? They were good stories but I better understand your challenge through the year!


    1. Laura Hile Post author

      Jennifer, your timing is uncanny. Voting ends at midnight tonight! (5/19) I will announce the winner tomorrow afternoon.

      Bless you for remembering them. πŸ™‚



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