“The Guys Have It!” 2012 Winner is …

Congratulations to Peter Gray, the readers’ choice winner of “The Guys Have It!” 2012 student writing contest.

In class tomorrow, Mr Gray will receive the Grand Prize: the much-coveted $10 Starbucks card.

(They don’t know this, but his classmates will each receive a $5 card as a consolation prize.)

The neat thing is how I’m paying for the prizes—with royalty money! Cold hard cash earned from my own imagination. “Money from the sky,” I call it, shrugging off the long hours that go into a manuscript.

Still, as these guys sip their coffees, they’ll have tangible proof that it can be done. Because somebody has to write the books for the next generation. Might as well be them!

Thanks to all of you, my loyal blog readers, for taking the time to read, vote, and comment. You can find links to all of the stories here.


2 thoughts on ““The Guys Have It!” 2012 Winner is …

  1. Robin Helm

    Congratulations, Mr. Gray, and kudos to the other young men as well. You all deserve a round of applause for your efforts. You are truly The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.



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