Just so you know


We check the stats here at Jane Started It! We don’t know who you are particularly. We don’t see: Jane Smith, Anytown, USA, etc. What we do know is an individual visitor came and looked at particular pages, and then moved on elsewhere.

The fun part is  we know what country a visitor is from, what page a visitor left to come here, and what page you go to from here. Another fun part is we have a listing of search terms that bring visitors to the site.

Here are a few for your enjoyment (in no particular order) :
hotpants boots  — 2 visitors
iola swinnerton  —  2
hile fever  —  1
no cure for the hat worn backwards  —  2

The rest carry a !!??!! label

hot his mother  —  1 (Eeewww)
susan kaye sex scenes   —  1 (Written by me or featuring me? Either way, Eeeewww again.)
chess champ sex appeal  —  1  (There is someone out there for everyone.)
alan rickman speedo  —  1  (Pass the eyewash!)
short sexy story contest  —  1 (We aren’t having one!)

The Web is a wild and wonderful place, amble responsibly!

Take care–Susan Kaye


17 thoughts on “Just so you know

  1. faith hope & cherrytea

    just so you know…
    this has been the healthiest post today ! if laughter is medicine, i’ve been dosed 🙂
    laughed til i almost peed and hoping that isn’t going to be ‘searched’ !!
    have a great weekend girls :))


  2. wendisotis

    Love it! I have 50 tabs open right now and I wonder which one it registers? note to self: open Susan Kaye sex scenes site in a different browser window 😉


  3. Robin Helm

    I actually did the post on the sexual angle of chess championships. I guess we know what sells, huh, Susan?


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Sex does sell. The only trouble is that much of what it sells should never be mentioned in polite society!!

      What were the results of chess championship sex?


      1. Robin Helm

        Women chess players were showing excessive cleavage to distract male players. The powers that be came up with a really stupid dress code that cannot be enforced.


  4. Susan Kaye Post author

    We have this feature on the domain crownhillwriters.com. When we were actively using it, some of the search terms were ab-so-lutely frightening! The one most puzzling was the person who repeatedly came to read my stories through search terms having to do with hairbrushes. *shiver*


  5. Laura Hile

    Hile fever? Ha! I think some poor Googling soul meant to type Nile Fever (West Nile virus).

    But you know what? That innocent typo could be a stroke of genius. I’ve been looking for a title for my “brand,” see. Maybe something to go with my name? And here it is! Hile Fever!

    You think?

    Infectious fiction, complete with thrills and fever chills!
    Romantic comedy that’s downright … neuroinvasive!

    Then again, maybe not.


  6. Robin Helm

    I love it. I think I must write a green Darcy from Jupiter. SciFi is one of my loves, and neuroinvasive fiction could be my new genre.


  7. Robin Helm

    Here’s a good one: alan rickman speedo. Someone was actually looking for pics of Alan Rickman in a Speedo when they happened upon my video post of Rickman throwing his tea in a fit of pique.

    Why would ANYONE want to see that?


  8. Gayle Mills

    Laughter truly is the best medicine. Boy, I needed a dose of that after a week of senior exams. Underclassmen have theirs next week. 4 days until the madness stops. Will I have to re-introduce myself?


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Gayle Mills, Gayle Mills, sounds familiar …

      We may have to get acquainted again, but we’re a pretty friendly lot.

      Relax this weekend, Gayle.


  9. LucyParker

    Love your choice of the Dan Piraro comic. He’s a hometown boy who sees the world a little differently. As does anyone who wants to view Alan Rickman in a speedo.

    Hi Gayle! *waves* Wishing you a speedy return from the wilds of finals testing.



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