I Know Very Little

Click to go to Ray Bradbury’s author site

about author Ray Bradbury, who died Tuesday at the age of 91.

I have faith that many of our JSI readers are familiar with his work and can recommend where to start reading.

Any suggestions?

Take care–Susan Kaye


10 thoughts on “I Know Very Little

  1. Robin Helm

    Ray Bradbury was a legend in sci-fi writing. His Fahrenheit 451 is a classic, reversing the government’s role in censorship. Rather than protect works from being censored, all books were banned. Firemen burned books (and the houses that held them). He had a brilliant, creative mind. I have several of his books and short story collections, but I think that Fahrenheit 451 was his best.


  2. Robin Helm

    When I read Fahrenheit 451 in high school, we did not know we were reading an abridged (or censored) version. All of the cursing had been edited out. (Sort of ironic that a book about censorship was edited without the author’s permission.) Therefore, I assigned to my high schoolers in a Christian school about 30 years later in total innocence. When they started reading it and bringing it to me, along with complaints from their parents, I did a little research and found that the curse words had been restored just the previous year. Lucky me!


  3. Charles A. Rudolph

    Along with Fahrenheit 451, you might take look at Dandelion Wine or a Medicine for Melancholy or any short story collection. The Strange DEath of Dudley Stone, Among other stories, is worth a look.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Thanks Charles. I like the sound of Medicine for Melancholy just because I like the word, “melancholy.”



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