The Game

The second part of The Hunger Games (THG) begins after the festivities begin in the Capitol. Peeta reveals a secret, which may or may not be a strategy cooked up between him and Haymitch.

Does Haymitch remind you of anyone in Austen?

The section ends with a death in the arena. It won’t be letting cats out to tell you it’s not Katniss. This death strengthens Kat’s resolve to fight. She may not survive, but she will now take out an many opponents as she can.

When I was reading this book, I mentally ticked off how many of Jane’s heroines wouldn’t make it out. Catherine Morland would die of her own stupidity. (Sorry, she trods on my last nerve EVERY time I look at North Anger Abbey.) Anne Elliot is smart enough, if she gets through the violent opening at the Cornucopia. IMO, in the end, Lizzie and Emma would be the ones battling it out to the death. Just saying.

I’m supposed to be writing right now, so I have to bow out for now.

A craft question. Since this is a Young Adult novel, did you feel considering the violence and themes that this was barely in the category because it features young adults, or that the audience it seeks are younger? for me, I don’t usually care for YA, but this had a lot of food for thought built into the plot. I wasn’t bothered by the youth of the protags.

Take care–Susan Kaye


3 thoughts on “The Game

  1. Robin Helm

    Haymitch is a schemer, but he has a good heart. He is tortured by his memories of the games – by the way he won. Haymitch reminds me of people who win millions in the lotteries or those who attain sudden fame and wealth, and then have nothing to work for. He drinks to anesthetize himself, and he always plays the best odds.

    Haymitch could be an older Willoughby or Mr. Hurst (lol). We don’t know why Hurst drinks himself into a stupor. I suppose if Caroline were around me all the time, I might possibly start drinking, too.

    I agree that Lizzie and Emma would be the most likely to make it out. Jane couldn’t kill anyone. Every feeling revolts against the idea of proper, sensible Elinor as Katniss. Anne is too passive, and Catherine too romantic.

    I’m sure this seems weird, but violence doesn’t really bother me as much as gratuitous sex or foul language. I don’t like horror movies, but I enjoy action films, especially if Denzel Washington is in them. I watch his movies on DVD with our Guardian language filter.

    The Hunger Games had a Lord of the Flies feel to it (to me). Most of the kids were surviving, not killing for enjoyment. Alliances are formed, but they lasted only as long as it was beneficial to the strongest person in the alliance.


  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    I think Lord of the Flies is the template for all reality TV. The backstabbing and deal making also has a definite air of politics.

    I like action films. I have a serious crush on Bruce Willis in RED. while women a swooning over the “take charge” sexuality of 50 Shades, give me the “take charge” kind of guy (with guns and martial arts training) in action films. Neither of them would make good husbands, I’m sure, but at least the guy in the action film could keep you safe during the Zombie Apocalypse!

    Of all the characters, Haymitch is my favorite. I love the tortured-by-his-past sort of guy. And H is smart. He’s never wasted his emotional capital on tributes who could not win. Now, he’s got two that have a shot and he pulls himself out of the haze–after Katniss shakes him up–and gets to work planning.

    In my darkest writer’s heart, I see his one bit of solace being a torrid, once-a-year affair, ala “Same Time Next Year” (Ellen Burstyn and Beta man, Alan Alda) with Effie Trinket during the annual reaping. Now THAT would be fan fiction!!


  3. Robin Helm

    We are in complete agreement on those first three paragraphs. I like Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones series, and Bruce Willis (“Die Hard”) in anything. The movie, “Taken” (Liam Neeson), is one of my all-time favorites, along with “Man on Fire” (Denzel Washington!). Give me a guy who fights to the end and is willing to die for those he loves. The “Dirty Harry” movies were great!

    Haymitch is one of my favorites, certainly, but Peeta stole my heart.



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