Optimize me?

Photo Credit: Liz Henry
(Creative Commons)

Who knows what lurks in the email in-box?

This morning it was a coupon for a 7-point brain assessment.

Thank you, Amazonlocal.

Just what I need.

Proof positive that my Memory Malfunctions are real.

I’m losing ground every day, it seems.

1. “Where’d I put my keys? Sunglasses? Purse? Car?”
2. “What is THAT doing in the fridge?”
3. “And then I said to, um, you know, what’s-her-name in the office?”
4. “Where am I driving to?”
5. “Why did I come in here?”
6. “Someone gave me that Best Friends mug. I wouldn’t have bought it myself…”
7. “Did I really write that?”

As for the Optimize Me brainwave assessment, what’s not to like? State-of-the-art, nonivasive, AND testimonials. You know it’s got to be true and effective.

The voucher is good only in Portland. (Like this outfit would be anywhere else?)

And I’d like to schedule an appointment. But I can’t remember where I put my phone.


6 thoughts on “Optimize me?

  1. Laura Hile Post author

    I now see that I left the “I” out of point one. “Where’d I put my keys?”

    Ha, where’d I put my “I”?

    (The Inner Editor is making me cycle back and fix that)


  2. Susan Kaye

    I got one of these offers as well. I think it’s reprehensible that they hold out hope to people who are obviously mentally challenged.



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