Invitation to Beyond Austen

Literature lovers Stephanie Hamm, Gayle Mills, and I are pleased to announce to opening of a new forum, Beyond Austen, at
Beyond Austen was founded to provide an environment that is friendly, encouraging, and appropriate for readers of all ages, as well as to promote positive interaction among all members, both readers and authors. We are very excited about sharing our site with you, and we welcome all stories that adhere to the BAC guidelines and mission statement. Both JAFF and non-JAFF stories, as well as poems, will be available to our readers. Come join us and enjoy stories by some of your favorite authors. The site will be open for new members on Monday, July 30.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know that Laura has several things already posted (the first two installments of Mercy’s Embrace, Volume IV!), ready for your reading pleasure, and there’s a sneak preview of my new story, Accidentally Yours. Wendi Sotis and Diana (fiveoaks) have stories up, and several other well-known authors are preparing their work for submission.

Drop by and visit. We would love to have you!


12 thoughts on “Invitation to Beyond Austen

  1. Laura Hile

    It’s been fun to watch friends from the Austen blogosphere join as members. The point of my involvement is to interact with readers. AND to gain additional motivation to write…and write faster.

    A win-win for everyone. So happy to be included from the get-go!


    1. Robin Helm

      I am more thrilled than I can express that you have joined us, Laura. I want everyone to read your wonderful books!


  2. Susan Kaye

    I already messed up where to comment, that doesn’t bode well for my future. Anyway, I have some stories that are all dressed up and ready so will place them on BA.

    All it will take is reading the instructions. *sigh*



    1. Gayle Mills

      Don’t despair, Susan! Our site is user friendly, especially for posting stories. And if you make mistakes, I think you know a few admins at that site who can fix them for you. LOL



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