Pride and Precedence: If wishes were Smartphones …

An ongoing series by Persuasion’s Mary Musgrove

If wishes were Smartphones,
beggars could TEXT!

It is most annoying, living in a Regency world. If I could only text, how delightful life would be!

I’d use all the charming abbreviations to tell friends and family exactly what I think.

Aren’t these expressions deliciously apt?

RHIP (Rank Has Its Privileges)
ICEDI (I Can’t Even Discuss It)
4COL (For Crying Out Loud)
PMFI (Pardon Me For Interrupting)
BPLM (Big Person Little Mind)
APAC (All Praise And Credit)
EMFBI (Excuse Me For Butting In)
CWOT (Complete Waste Of Time)
YGTBK (You’ve Got To Be Kidding)
BFFN (Best Friends For Now)
AYDY (Are You Done Yet?)
BOOMS (Bored Out Of My Skull)
DITYID (Did I Tell You I’m Distressed?)
AYTMTB (And You’re Telling Me This Because)
GWHTLC (Glad We Had This Little Chat)

As you can see, Less is most definitely More!

Most cordially,

Mary Elliot Musgrove, SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed)
Daughter of Sir Walter Elliot, Bart.
Future Mistress of Uppercross


13 thoughts on “Pride and Precedence: If wishes were Smartphones …

  1. Susan Kaye

    LOL, SWAMBO. I have a Mary Englebreight magnet that says, It Is Good To Be Queen. A woman needs remind the world of both these sentiments..

    Susan Kaye, SWAMBO, IIGTBQ


  2. Susan Kaye

    @LL, no idea what AYTMTB is.

    Sir Walter and Elizabeth have NUFA – No Use For Anne
    GBBTAD – Gold Braid Beats Titles Any Day
    HAHO — Half Agony Half Hope


    1. Laura Hile Post author

      I hear you loud and clear, Suzan! (IHYLAC)

      It’s painfully easy to mix up stuff! And then, not wanting to admit that my memory is so bad, my pride nudges me into guessing. We don’t want to go there!

      Good thing pen and paper were handy, and that Captaiin Wentworth didn’t TEXT his letter to Anne!


      “YPMC? His poor mind is so altered I would not have known him”

      (I can listen no longer in silence. I must speak to you by such means as are within my reach. You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me not that I am too late…)



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