Tee-hee Tuesday

10 points if you can name his little bird friend.

Last night I saw a poster on PINTEREST: “It was a dark and stormy night.” Then this morning I saw that Robin Helm had put it up on her Facebook page as well.

There is a rumor that my father’s adopted family is descended from Edward Bulwer-Lytton the creator of the phrase. For some time now it’s been used as a good example of bad writing. (Remember, my father was adopted.)

Anyway, click over to the BULWER-LYTTON WRITING CONTEST site to read some very funny, and very bad opening lines. Here’s one of this year’s Dishonorable Mentions from the romance category: “Tucked in a dim corner of The Ample Bounty Bar & Grille, Alice welcomed the fervent touch of the mysterious stranger’s experienced hands because she had not been this close with a man in an achingly long time and, quivering breathlessly, began to think that this could be the beginning of something real, something forever, and not just a one-time encounter with a good Samaritan who was skilled at the Heimlich Maneuver.” The author, Mark Wisnewski, Flanders, NJ, must be proud!

Available at AustenEmporium

In hunting up the above website, I found mention of a game called, It was a Dark and Stormy Night. The blurb says, “It Was a Dark & Stormy Night – A Game of First Lines for People Who Love to Read.” I think that says it all.

Even if it’s only on paper, am I really related to Bulwer-Lytton? I hope not. In addition to writing an iconic first line that is simultaneously cheesy and kind of interesting, he wrote cheap, Victorian erotica. I aspire to more. My journey to greatness launched 12 years ago with glomming onto a classic author’s characters and making them my own. This bit of literary larceny is now cruising along with a stint of prolonged writer’s block. I think next will come some sort of mental breakdown followed by a triumphal recovery. Everyone loves an underdog overcoming the odds.

Ah, the literary whorl.

Have a good Tuesday.

Take care–Susan Kaye


6 thoughts on “Tee-hee Tuesday

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      10 points for the lady! there is absolutely no value in these points, but you have bragging rights! Thanks for stopping by, CeliaHayes.


  1. Lucy Parker

    The things you learn on the Interweb! I thought it was Snoopy who came up with this line, made it a comic sans classic.

    Mr. Wisnewski could use a good beta. Perhaps Snoopy’s beta, Woodstock, is available.



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