What’s New?

My daughter, Mandy, and her husband, Jon, on their wedding day in Guam

For those of you who haven’t heard, I received a wonderful surprise on Saturday when I opened my e-mail. My Navy daughter was married to her long-time boyfriend this past May 14 in Guam. In typical “Mandy” fashion, she didn’t tell us for four months. Jon is a Marine, and he’s perfect for her. We also got his dog, Rocko, in the bargain. I have a granddog!

I’m also excited about Jakki Leatherberry’s vlog of Legacy on Leatherbound Reviews. Be sure to watch it, and let us know what you think. She’s also hosting a giveaway of your choice of the books in The Guardian Trilogy.

AND, there’s a new chapter of my WIP, Accidentally Yours, at Beyond Austen today. Come by to read wonderful stories by all the featured authors there. We’d love to have you!

Don’t forget that Laura and I are still hosting giveaways on this site as well. Comment on Rhyme Time with Jane or Interview with the Angels to enter. Let us know if you are in the US or international.

Have a wonderful day!


11 thoughts on “What’s New?

    1. Robin Helm

      Yes, Laura. It has taken her nine years to get past her first, very short marriage. Her new husband is the polar opposite of her ex. I think they will be very happy together.


  1. Liz Bell

    I remember you saying this past year that you thought she would get married and then tell you later! Congratulations to them!!


    1. Robin Helm

      That’s why her marriage didn’t surprise me, Liz. I admit that her waiting four months to tell us was a little shocking, but not the marriage. I knew that was coming last Christmas. Jon is a very patient man. He deserves a medal.



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