The Weekend is Upon Us … Update

What will you be doing?

I’ll be reading this:

I’ll be watching this:

I’ll be eating this:

tortilla soup/ The Pioneer Woman

What will you be reading? Watching? Eating? Maybe you’ll be going out in the world. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Take care–Susan Kaye

Volume 1 Mercy’s Embrace–Check
Volume 2 of Mercy’s Embrace read and Upstairs Downstairs watched as well.
80 pages from the end of Volume 3 of Mercy’s Embrace.

Not bad.



18 thoughts on “The Weekend is Upon Us … Update

  1. Laura Hile

    Since you ask, this weekend I’m keeping company with a certain gent of the piratical trade. Now that my school year is underway and I’m able to catch my breath, it’s time to resume postings for Persuading Elizabetha at Beyond Austen.

    I’ll also be rewatching this

    and this

    in preparation for what we have in store for next week’s Jane Austen Giveaway Blog Hop. Hoo boy, hold on to your hat! The inspiration genius is Robin, but my lips are sealed.

    Captain O’Manly shares quite a lot in common with Thor, now that I think on it. Too, too much fun, these swashbuckling, smiling bearded heroes!


  2. Laura Hile

    Hang on, Susan, I just realized you’ll be reading MY book this weekend. (I’ve grown so accustomed to seeing the cover around here that it didn’t register.)

    And my response is a heartfelt, “Uh-oh.”

    I’ve been taking too long to work out the next book. See, I know something else, too. Susan Kaye’s secret hobby is … shooting. Ammo is expensive, so she doesn’t get a chance to indulge that often. But she says there’s nothing like shooting for relieving stress. And it looks to me like she’s loading up the magazine clip, fiction-wise, to hunt me down.


    And where can I run? There’s no escaping the Wrath of Robin or Gayle Force nagging.


    1. Monica

      “the Wrath of Robin or Gayle Force nagging.”

      I’ll be reading this weekend for the Dewey’s Readathon. I didn’t make a list this year because it’s too much pressure but Austenesque will be well-represented.

      Don’t know what I’ll be watching later but right now I’m watching “Lover Come Back” with Rock Hudson & Doris Day. I just love them.

      Have a great weekend, ladies!


    2. Robin Helm

      You can run, but you can’t hide. The draft awaits, my dear. I keep adding to it, but it needs your deft touch. Those movies should provide the proper inspiration. ; ) You might want to add Captain America.


    3. Susan Kaye Post author

      No worries about the book. It was one of those desperate, what-to-read moments and looking at the bookcase solved the problem. It’s been a long time so it reads like a new book. One of the benefits of an aging brain.


  3. Lucy Parker

    Let’s see . . . Mr LP is out of town, so I’ll be in my pj’s round the clock. I’m reading a JD Robb right now, having just finished A Jane Austen Education.

    You’re a P-Dub fan, Susan? She’s a fellow Okie, just in the next county. I’ve met her a few times, but never won anything from her site. 😦

    Oh, and if I get dressed, I’m going to Pioneer Woman’s range to see if I can find George Clooney or Meryl Streep, where they’re making a movie. Meryl and I will become friends, and she’ll introduce me to Colin Firth. He will adore me as much as Meryl. That’s if I get dressed.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Clueless about who “P-Dub” is, Lucy. Nothing new there.

      There are no celebrities around here so no danger of befriending any.

      I do like the idea of pj’s all day, but it just never works out that way.

      Enjoy, Lucy.


  4. suzan

    I’ll be reading too many diverse things. Just can’t help myself. Everything from my bible and bible based literature to rereading “The Girl in the Gatehouse” and “The Garden Intrigue”. I’m also finishing up “All Roads Lead to Austen”. Plus a friends house for homemade Posole and tortillas. I get to make a dessert.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      JUst go the tortilla soup in the crockpot–no, not authentic tortilla soup with broiled, spiced chicken but supremely simple for the lazy cook–so all I need now is a trip to town for a couple of junk food items.

      Enjoy the weekend, suzan.


  5. Robin Helm

    I’m actually in the middle of None But You by – you guessed it – Susan Kaye. I just finished rewatching the 1995 version of P & P a few minutes ago. It’s been a LONG day.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      One of these days I’m going to actually read those books. It hasn’t been long enough to keep me from cringing when I pick one up. Refer to my response to Laura above.

      No adaptations on my plate this weekend. Maybe “Upstairs Downstairs” tomorrow night.

      Have a good one, Robin.


      1. Robin Helm

        I can’t read my books either. I have an overwhelming urge to rewrite them every time I try. Even reading excerpts at the DBF was hard for me. I kept thinking, “Edit! Edit!”

        I’m playing for a small wedding in a couple of hours, and then watching football. My husband has already chicken and dumplings for supper. ; )



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