Austen Avengers, Part Six

Part Six

The Wolfman could feel the eyes on him. Someone was watching – tracking him – and the hair stood up on his back. He melted into the woods by the factory, breathing deeply to strengthen himself with the waste being spewed into the atmosphere.

Catching a different scent, he morphed quickly into his humanoid form, facing the pair before him.

Lydia Lucious and KittyLitter slinked up to Wickham, rubbing against him seductively.  

He backed away, smiling evilly. “Not now, girls. There’ll be plenty of time for that later. Right now, we have a job to do.”

Lydia sighed and stepped away, putting her hand over the hilt of her power laser. “It’s always later with you, Wolfman. You make big promises, but you never deliver.

“Edward Ferret gets more action than you do,” hissed KittyLitter, “and he’s a TV preacher. At least he has plenty of money, and he doesn’t mind spending it.”

Wickham growled, a threatening sound. “Leave Ferret the weasel out of this, and don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like it.”

“Would you please lower your voices,” said a male voice from behind the group. “I thought this was supposed to be a secret meeting.”

Lydia Lucious licked her lips in anticipation. “Ah, Willoughby. My very own Stuporman.” She turned to rub her hands over his broad chest, displayed superbly in his midnight blue bodysuit.

“Later, Lydia. You’ll have me tied up in knots, unable to think, and we all know that I’m the brains in this group,” he said in a low voice.

“What’s the assignment, Willoughby? Let’s get it over with,” interjected Wickham with a grimace which showed his pointed canines.

Two midnight beings fluttered to the ground and walked to the group, tucking their black wings.

“Excellent,” said the Wolfman with satisfaction. “Welcome, Sweetness and Lyte.”

Wickham returned his attention to to Willoughby while gesturing to the new arrivals. “Henry and Mary Crawford are here, so I assume our task will involve aerial as well as ground tactics.”

Speaking in tandem, Sweetness and Lyte replied, “Though we are most comfortable in the air, we are no more limited in our movements than you are, Wolfman. Air, ground, water – it is all manageable to us.”

Stuporman nodded. “Levels of pollution are falling too rapidly, and that anomaly will soon be detected. Debates will rage among the humans, and attention will be called to us. LadyCat has already told us that the Austen Avengers are aware of our presence. It is only a matter of time until they understand our mission. When that happens, there will be war. We must increase the pollution in the atmosphere to allay suspicions as long as is possible in order to allow time for our reinforcements to arrive. We must be prepared for the inevitable.”

Lydia’s eyes sparkled as she licked her lips. “I love the way you think. I’m ravenous. What is our target? I hope it’s something high grade and delicious!”

“Car exhaust can sustain us,” added KittyLitter in agreement, “but it just isn’t satisfying.”

Lyte’s voice was harsh. “This isn’t about your palates, ladies. We are facing the extinction of our race. Try to see the bigger picture.”

“The target?” interrupted Wolfman, looking at Stuporman.

Willoughby responded, “The Supreme Leader has decided that concentrating on the Pacific Ring of Fire is the quickest way to increase high grade air contaminants. The volcanic ash and sulfuric acid will strengthen us and weaken the humans, thereby disguising our presence from the general populace a few months longer while at the same time increasing our powers.”

“What is the plan?” asked Sweetness, stepping closer to Stuporman, her eyes gleaming.

“It’s amazingly beautiful in its simplicity,” he answered, smiling. “We will punch through the thinnest places in the earth’s crust at the five sites of greatest pressure under the oceans. We have already determined the most five most promising subduction zones. The human fools put all the information we need on the internet, readily available to everyone with a computer. B Sting, Birdman, Frankenhill, and Ferret are already in place.”

Willoughby put his hand out, palm up. “Receive your assignments.”

Each of the aliens touched Stuporman’s hand, and then joined with their partners, racing to their appointed tasks, happy to do The Supreme Leader’s chaotic bidding.

To be continued next week…

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10 thoughts on “Austen Avengers, Part Six

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  2. Laura Hile

    Love this, Robin!

    Ha, Kitty Litter. Edward Ferret, the TV preacher. And…STUPORman? 😀

    And we’re just getting started. Reading friends, do swing by Beyond Austen (link above or in the sidebar) for our weekly post. You’ll have to register to enter the site, but it’s free.


    1. Robin Helm

      Thanks, Laura. I’m looking forward to your next chapter! I’m SUCH a sci-fi geek. Writing this is like taking a break. I’ll probably start posting this on Beyond Austen today. ; )


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  7. JuneA**

    KittyLitter!!!!!!! hahahahah
    I’m so glad that y’all are keeping on with this and sharing! I’ll follow you over to Beyond Austen!



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