Report from the NaNo front line…

November is crazed and crazy. And yet so far, I’ve been a busy WriMo, keeping on top of my daily word count. How long will I be able to ride this wave? When the green squares stop coming, you’ll know I’m toast. πŸ™‚

My inspiration this year is Captain Patrick O’Manly, piratical hero of Persuading Elizabetha. Shiver me timbers and blow me down, that man is fun to write! Even so, are there 45,000 more words in my imagination?


12 thoughts on “Report from the NaNo front line…

  1. Wendi Sotis

    Yay! Keep writing, Laura! I’m looking forward to more O’Manly.

    I’m not doing very well with my nano. Jane Austen must have had very good eyesight – I just don’t know how she was able to write by candlelight! I’m hoping to make up for it later.


  2. Laura Hile Post author

    Wendi, thanks for the props. You WILL see me falter with NaNo … it’s inevitable! πŸ™‚ I’m riding the momentum wave as long as I can, focusing on getting that green thingy to come up on the calendar. Baby steps, right?

    I remind myself, too, that NaNo is about word count and not finished text. (Down, dratted perfectionism!) A rough draft as opposed to nothing.

    Therefore, when I sit down to a writing session (like I will in a few minutes), I put on the italics key and start typing ideas, snatches of dialog, whatever I want to include in that section of the story. This is VERY dull stuff at the beginning—lots of “telling” and description and sentences that a fifth grader might write! But if I keep at it, ideas grow and suddenly I have dialog exchanges that I can use.

    When all the ideas are out on the page, I then turn off the italics and start writing. This is finished, polished-up text—the type of kind of thing I can post as an installment at Beyond Austen.

    Here’s the bottom line: All of this—notes and finished text—goes into the word count. Maybe it’s cheating, but I don’t think so. People write lots of nonsense to reach 50,000 words. (I know I did the year I finished.) .

    Good for you, Wendi, for soldiering ahead. Just getting ideas out onto the page is an advance! You go! Even by candlelight!


  3. Laura Hile Post author

    That graphic is helpful and motivating, yes.

    From the NaNoWriMo dashboard, go to:

    Fun Stuff >> Word Count Widgets >> (scroll down) My Month. Copy the html text and put it on your blog. It will display automatically. πŸ™‚


    1. Laura Hile

      Some of what I’ve written is good, some not. The key seems to be to get O’Manly and Elizabetha in the same space and get them sparring with words, ha.

      Today is the last day of the quarter … and as you can see, no green square for me. So I have a make-up day to grapple with. That’s kind of all right. If you don’t count time with report cards tomorrow, I have a four-day weekend to spend with O’Manly. Here’s hoping he’s his rakish, charming self.



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