The Future of Romance

I’m not great when it comes to predicting the future. I never thought the baby blue eye shadow of my teen years would ever make a come back, but it has. Can shoulder pads be far behind?

Anyway, I think I do see a trend in romance novels. Not that I read a lot of them, but looking at the titles available for free on Kindle has made me see a trend. Just follow along and you’ll see where I’m going with this.

Some of the titles I scoped out today are:
Tamed by the Billionaire — Maybe a protege of Sigfried or Roy.
Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire— I think this may have been written before the debt crisis in the EU.
Maid in the USA (Bad Boy Billionaire series) –Somebody’s got to clean up after all that spilled Cristal.
The Teacher’s Billionaire (the Sherbrookes of Newport, Book 1) There are probably a scad of these upper class/middle class intersections coming out of Newport.
The Tycoon’s Revenge (Baby for the Billionaire series) Another generation to come.

Anyway, you get the drift. When I was younger, millionaires were thought to have it all but writers have upped the ante and brought billionaires down to earth. Can trillionaires be far behind?

I think that wealth is a mystery to most of us and when it comes to romances, we like to have characters who are separated by something. Money is the perfect barrier. This is one of the reasons that Pride and Prejudice is so popular. As Lizzy points out to Lady C. Darcy is a gentleman and she is a gentleman’s daughter, therefore, equals. But, money changes the essence of that equailty.

The same is true of Persuasion. When Anne and Frederick meet in the summer of ’06 it’s the Captain’s lack of money and Anne’s family’s social position that Lady Russell uses to drive the wedge between them. The funny thing is, when Frederick returns with quite a lot of cash, but little in the way of social position, that  oh-so vital status is suddenly not so much the insurmountable barrier it once was.

So, are you a fan of these financially inflationary romances? If you are, drop a few titles our way. Or, do you think it’s just as easy to fall in love with a more socioeconomically equal boy or girl, and want your protags more like the rest of us “common folk?”

Take care–Susan Kaye


12 thoughts on “The Future of Romance

  1. JuneA**

    I like to read for escape, but not totally unbelievable scenarios. Let’s see here….Triplets for a Trillionaire, uhm…Comman Man for Caroline??? LOL As you can tell, I am NOT a writer, but willing to find the humor in most anything!


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I LOVE TfaT! And I think “Caro and the Average Joe” might be a winner. Or, “You had Me at ‘Prenup.'” F. Scott Fitzgerald said that the rich were different. Are the mega-rich different still?

      Thanks for stopping by, June.


  2. Laura Hile

    Has Jane Austen’s sterling hero, Fitzwilliam Darcy, contributed to bettering the reputation of the (fictional) wealthy bachelor?

    Because in real life the mega wealthy aren’t any better. We’ve worked with some of these fellows, and we don’t like them much. The self-made ones are often ruthless, loud, and self-absorbed. Those born into money assume it will always be there and have attitudes.

    So why do women continue to long for wealthy heroes, even though we know better? Ha, because Solomon was right when he wrote, “Money is the answer to everything.” And who wants the adorable heroine to hear, “Er, Honey, we’re a little short this month,” and “Can you get by with fifty bucks for groceries?”

    Uber-money romance titles? Ha.

    “More Than a Trophy Wife”
    “Make Mine Platinum”
    “Cash is a Many-Splendored Thing”
    “Harvesting Carats”
    “Prenuptially Blonde”


  3. Susan Kaye Post author

    LOL. I love “Harvesting Carats.” They are organic, right?

    “More Than a Trophy Wife” and it’s its sequel, “Yeah, But Not Much More.”

    I’m thinking that the movie, “My Tan is Fading, Where’s Raul?” is popular on private jets everywhere.

    “Martinis, Manhattans, and Cosmos: A Drinker’s Guide to Investing” would be a nifty Kindle title for the Sex and the City followers.

    “Hot Yacht, Cold Yacht, Rot Yacht, Old Yacht” is a kid’s cautionary tale for those Billionaire Babies.


  4. Lani

    I too read for escape. The life of the uber rich is an alien lifestyle as far as I am concerned. Fun to read but no connection to real life.
    If I am writing book title I guess I will stick with the old adage “write what ya’ know.”
    How about
    “Romancing the Redneck'”
    “Moonlight and my Marine”
    “Big Trucks and Big Hats”

    Those titles sound like a joke. But when you consider “Swamp People,” “Duck Dynasty'” and the the gentlemen from “Sons of Guns,” are making serious money on TV, “Romancing the Redneck,” sounds pretty good.


  5. Gayle Mills

    Who wants to read about women who battle the same monetary battles they’re fighting in reality? After all, romance novels are written in order to escape the humdrum existence most women find themselves inhabiting. In fact, I think some authors write romance as their personal escape. They just share it with a readership hungry to buy it.

    Many people think an abundance of money would solve all their problems. Of course, we all know it wouldn’t. A glance at the past winners of the mega lotteries confirms that. But, we can dream, can’t we? That’s what romance is all about.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      *sigh* Gayle, you brought sense to an otherwise senseless post. Though, I did like the movie “fun With Dick and Jane.” The older on with Jane Fonda. Too broke to pay the gardener a middle-class could start robbing stores. Gives date night a whole new vibe.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I like Cougar Cash, or Lady C. Goes to Town, from the What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas series. The second in series, Lady Russell Routs Reno coming in the summer of 2013.



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