Get those packages in the mail early!

Better late than never?

A postcard mailed nearly seventy years ago has finally arrived at its destination – Elmira, New York. It was sent July 4, 1943, from Rockford, Illinois, to Pauline and Theresa Leisenring. The ladies are sisters of George Leisenring, who was stationed at Rockford’s Medical Center Barrack at Camp Grant, a World War II Army post. Leisenring’s parents were visiting him when they mailed the postcard home.

A different family lives at the address now. An official from the post office says that the postcard may have been found and dropped in the mail by someone outside the postal service.

My girls at Christmas last year.

I mailed a box of ornaments to my Navy daughter a couple of years ago when she was stationed in San Diego. Since the ornaments had been collected during her childhood, they were precious to her, and she asked me to send them so that she could decorate her tree and have a little bit of home with her. I mailed them a month before Christmas. After six months, we had given up on ever seeing the ornaments again, but she finally received them – obviously too late for Christmas.

This year, I’ll be mailing packages to Guam (for her) and Afghanistan (for her husband). I hope the postal service has improved.

I’ve watched the period movies which have riders galloping to the houses with an express. Their mail may have been slower generally, but I bet it never took them seventy years to deliver it.

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3 thoughts on “Get those packages in the mail early!

  1. Susan Kaye

    Lost letters are the postal “road not taken,” and could be extra fun stories.

    Frederick pours out his heart to Anne, catches her attention and indicates there is something on the desk for her. Poor Anne, being shortsighted picks up a receipt for Gowland’s Lotion left on the desk earlier by Mary. Frederick has doodled her name all over it and she mistakes this to mean he thinks she needs it.

    Anne takes offense and vows to never be in the presence of Frederick Wentworth again. Frederick sits at home on Gay Street festering over how heartless and scheming Anne Elliot is after all these years.

    So much for HEA.



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