Ah, aging

Quintessential 70s

Quintessential 70s

The Husband and I were watching Austen City Limits this evening. Headlining was The Steve Miller Band. We don’t usually watch but all day as we puttered around doing errands, the radio was obligingly set in the musical sweet-spot of the mid 70s. We thought this would put the perfect cap on things.

They finally got to The Joker. When they sang the line: “I really love your peaches want to shake your tree” I had to laugh.

Here were a bunch of paunchy guys singing about getting “lovin’ on the run” wearing comfortable shoes and bi-focals. And after the show, instead of engaging the groupies they likely talked tax shelters and how much money they’d all have now if they hadn’t blown through the first round’s winnings.

Aging is for the brave. You have to be brave to face the facts.

Take care–Susan Kaye



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