And you thought romance was dead!

dennys-las-vegas-300x225I have been to weddings in churches, banquet halls, gazebos, barns, tents, front yards, and various other places, but never in a middle-class restaurant. However, beginning in the first quarter of 2013, I, along with the rest of the populace, will be able to host a wedding at Denny’s in (where else?) Las Vegas.

Denny’s, a 24-hour diner, opened a new restaurant in Las Vegas on Thursday, featuring a full menu and a wedding chapel. According to Reuters, a celebrity wedding is already scheduled for February. Details of the wedding were not available, but at the ribbon cutting ceremony, James Wines, the architect, joked, “I kind of hope it’s Kim Kardashian because then you could have repeat performances.”

Don’t you just love his view of marriage? Romance may not be dead, but it’s surely lying by the side of the road, gasping for breath after being hit by a semi-truck full of hashbrowns.

Frances Allen, the company’s chief marketing officer, told Reuters that the Vegas outpost is the first of the 1,700 Denny’s locations worldwide to have a wedding chapel and photo booth. The 6,400 square foot Vegas location is one of fewer than 50 Denny’s around the world to offer a full bar.

At the reception, the happy couple could serve Moons Over My Hammy (a nude wedding?), the Grand Slam (predicting trouble for this marriage), or a King Stack of French toast (doubles as a wedding cake).

At least we’re returning to the tradition of a wedding breakfast, though I doubt Austen would recognize it in this venue.


19 thoughts on “And you thought romance was dead!

  1. Robin Helm Post author

    I’m sorry about the typo in the original title. I edited it as soon as I reread it, but the e-mail was already gone. Woe is me.


  2. Susan Kaye

    I got married in a wedding chapel on Fairview avenue in Boise, Idaho in 1978. I would have to look at the certificate for the name of the guy who officiated. I know that the venue isn’t the marriage and that so many people think it’s arranging the wedding that is complicated. To many actually being married is a combo plate of luck and managing to get your own way most of the time.

    ACK! Wrong!

    No neon in sight in the few Polaroids of the wedding party. There was no reception, no little noshes while a singer belted out our songs, “Hotel California,” and “Life in the Fast Lane,” by the Eagles. We started out married life with a set of brown towels and $500. The prognosis was tenuous at best.

    If you actually know anything about the concept of sacrificing your own stubborn will out of love for another person, you might have a shot. Oh, and not reminding the other person that you have noticed all their faults and intend to use them as a cudgel at every turn is a good habit to develop as well.

    If not, skip the wedding and go straight for Denney’s Denver omelet with extra cheese.

    Sorry, Robin, I know this is supposed to be a fun post, but I get so annoyed when a sacred act is made into a side show.


  3. Robin Helm Post author

    For people who get married in a Denny’s, I doubt that it’s a sacred act. I wonder why such people bother to get married at all. Do they just want the gifts and parties?


  4. Gayle Mills

    I think the success of Bridezilla is an unmistakeable clue that for many people, a wedding is anything but a sacred act. Ditto The Bachelor. That said, you have to admit that having the whole shebang at Denny’s is a masterful stroke. If you plan your event very carefully, you can hit the early-bird special and cut a deal for group discounts for breakfast. No doubt, Sir Walter would be highly offended by the inclusion of the little people, but someone like Caroline might have a shot at finding a willing bridegroom among the regulars. She could be wedded and bedded before he realized that the bridal orange reflected more than her desire to coordinate her colors with the sliced fruit on the side of the plate.


  5. Susan Kaye

    While Caro’s signature color is orange by design of the the costume designers for the ’95 version of P&P, I think it’s interesting that the cuffs and capes of the Elliot livery are also orange. Coincidence? Probably. 😉


      1. Robin Helm

        That reminds me of the penalty the Clemson QB, Tajh Boyd, received for wearing an illegal jersey – he had a 10 on his front and a 7 on his back.

        Sorry, just couldn’t resist.


      1. Susan Kaye

        I’m not big on what Christians are “supposed” to like. In fact, you name a popular Christian author and I probably don’t care them. I’m definitely an outlier when it comes to safe-for-the-whole-family.



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