I Am a Bus Person

There is a running joke in TV sit coms that major characters, most oddballs, don’t like riding the bus. Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory is one. He’s a genius smart enough to know that buses are germy–he’s a germaphobe–and dangerous in crashes. He was  asked not to try riding on any Pasadena transit system vehicles after trying to lash himself to the seat with bungee cords. He being a genius should know that those flimsy things won’t hold–he can do the math–but I suppose it was a case of using what was at hand.

Bus-Raymond Leowy-1940

Louisville Art Deco

I don’t ride city transit buses much either. I live in the country and the TRI-MET system has yet to come out this way. I don’t like buses but I long ago realized my budget requires I put away hardcore notions about transportation. I like cars best for their control over bathroom breaks. (We are not going to even mention that Greyhound buses have bathrooms.) When a car is unavailable, a bus will do.

I was out-of-town over the Christmas holidays and traveled by bus. The conversations are amazing. I think politicians should be required to travel to and from their home districts by Greyhound.* For people who supposedly represent “the people” they sure don’t know squat about “us.” And this goes for Democrats and Republicans. I listen to the palaver on both sides and can’t tell the difference.

Anyway, I learned that women really do use the term “baby daddy” to refer to the father of their children. That is so sad.

I learned that one sick person can at least infect her seat mate; ME!

I learned that lots-o-men just released from jail travel Greyhound at the holidays.

I learned that the above have their own ratings systems for the workout equipment in various facilities.

I learned that the Spokane bus terminal gets a 5-star rating from the homeless that sleep there.

I also learned that more upscale, particularly women, are traveling by bus. They don’t like it.

Finally, I learned that the bus from Seattle to Pasco, Washington is ALWAYS late and will put my bus behind by at least 20 minutes.

What did you learn over the holidays? No minimum number of words, just a little peek at what’s going on in your world.

Take care–Susan Kaye

Politicians riding to and from their districts are strictly forbidden from using any electronic devices and talking. They can only listen. This is to ensure they actually hear something. And since term limits seem to be problematic constitutionally, their heads exploding from not being the center of attention might thin the herd some.


4 thoughts on “I Am a Bus Person

  1. Robin Helm

    I actually rode trains and buses quite a bit when I was younger. My (then) young daughters and I regularly rode Amtrak from Florida to SC, and those were good experiences. I much preferred the train to driving. I rode Greyhound buses a few times in college, but I didn’t enjoy those rides as much as I did the train.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Choice is a wonderful thing. In my case, the train takes longer and is less convenient for the locations to and from which I travel. As scary as a bus terminal is in broad daylight, a train station in the middle of the night is as bad or worse. I also can’t get past every train ticket is being massively subsidized by the gov’ because it is run like any other government program. Badly.

      I’m not particularly enamored with bus travel but at least I know I paid my own way and none of you all were forced to contribute.

      If money were no object, Bill would be driving me to and from every trip. Maybe someday.



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