200 Years Ago Today

LizziePride and Prejudice was released. Ans we are all better for it.

You can go anywhere in the Austenverse and find blog posts about Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice and this auspicious anniversary. The whole magilla is out there for your perusal.

Here’s our little contribution: What is your favorite P&P moment? It can be from the Canon, it can be any one of what seem to be thousands of adaptation, it can come from what seem to be millions of fan fics, prequels, sequels, parallels, mash-ups or stories with only a tenuous hold on P&P.

I’ll go first. My favorite moment in Pride and Prejudice is in the 1995 version when all the hullabaloo is happening with Charles Bingley’s return to Longborne. Mrs. Bennett is pushing and pulling Jane to sit up, slouch, etc.  Kitty adds that someone is with him. “…that tall proud one.” The look that comes over Jennifer Ehle’s face is perfect. The realization that Lizzie has reason to hope is sweet and subtle.

So, what’s your favorite moment? It’s a free-for-all so go to it.

Take care–Susan Kaye

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14 thoughts on “200 Years Ago Today

  1. Robin Helm

    I prefer the 1995 version, but the moment in the 2005 movie when Darcy comes across the meadow in the morning and Elizabeth sees him is perfect. It’s not in the book, but it’s a great movie touch. It never would happen in that time period, but, I still like it.

    I like Colin’s Firth broad smile after their marriage when they are in the carriage in the 1995 version. It’s the only time he really smiles in 5 hours of film. Male perfection!

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Unfortunately for me, I always think of the Sigorney Weaver movie, Gorillas in the Mist when I see scenes like that. Too many Wolfman movies when I was a kid too.

  2. Sophia Rose

    My favorite scenes was after Darcy spoke to Mr. Bennet and Lizzy had to come clean with her father about what was going on under his nose. He was just too complacent through the whole story and I loved seeing him rattled.

  3. Trez

    I prefer the 2005 version. I like the scene when they are at Pemberley and Darcy smiles at Elizabeth when she come with her uncle and aunt. It’s his first full smile and she is taken aback.
    As far as modern adaptations, I like the fanfiction “Come Hell or High Water”. It was written about 10 years or more ago by Robin Kaye. The scene I like in it is where Elizabeth goes into the office of the restaurant she is working at and jumps on Darcy’s lap (he is sitting in a swivel chair) after she swings him around, thinking he is the manager and very good friend who is usually sitting there. This is the first time she has seen him in several years since they were younger and in love and she finds herself in shock… and so does he. She doesn’t realize the he is “the big boss” of the chain of restaurant. I really wish Robin would publish it as she has published quite a few non-Austen novels but unfortunately I cannot talk her into it at present.

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I’m not much on the ’05 version but do get a hoot out of the drawing room at Rosings. It looks like a mural of the SciFi classic, The Rape of the 50-Foot Sabine Women.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Laura Hile

    Favorite scene in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? I’ve had to think about that for a bit. What was it that caught my eye? It would have to be the repartee, those conversational exchanges between Mr Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Because falling in love (to me) involves the meeting of minds … sparring, smiling, keeping pace with one another…

  5. juliedawn

    I like both recent versions, 1995 and 2005 and I even like the 1980 BBC version with Elizabeth Garvie. I like Matthew Macfadyen from 2005, I loved Jennifer Ehle and the attention to fashion and detail from 1995.
    Best part of the novel for me wasn’t the romance. I loved how Jane wrote Elizabeth in her interactions with everyone at Kent. So beautifully written and in every instance completely true and realistic. She is such an amazing character, faults and all. Sometimes I grab the book and skip to Chapter 28 and just read.

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I do that with some books. I just need a little Persuasion fix, or a hit of Jane Eyre. Now ans then a dose of Little Women just hits the spot.

      Welcome juliedawn.

  6. Lani

    I love Pamela Aidan’s Darcy series and I love a scene in the third book. Its when Darcy takes Georgianna and Bingley to meet Elizabeth and the Gardiners at the inn in Meryton. He watches Elizabeth talking to his sister and realizes he is in love.I can see him standing a little a part from the conversations maybe rocking back on his heels with his face shining with love. Real love, not the pale selfish vision that he had at the beginning of their acquaintance. Darcy thinks, “Test me. Command me.” He wants to do something heroic to prove his love. A tiny bit of foreshadowing don’t you think? Anyway it is a beautiful scene and I think of it now when I read the orginal.

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Having your work harken the reader back to the original is the best compliment for an Austen writer. At least it is for me.

  7. Robin Helm

    I’ve read that Colin Firth wrote notes about how Darcy was thinking and feeling all through his script. I would love to read those notes. They provided the motivation for his acting – which was superb.


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