Happy Birthday


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Susan Kaye Post author

    If my calculations are correct, Mr. Hinds turned 60 with this birthday. I haven’t seen him in anything new for some time but I hope he’s aging well. One of the reasons I like him is other than a little dental intervention, over the years I haven’t noticed any “work” on the soft tissue. He’s always had those high Irish cheekbones so no implants there.

    It’s embarrassing that I study his face so closely. And honestly, these days especially, it’s because he’s still my Wentworth Template. (So that means looking at him in an 80s movie called A Dark Adapted Eye, where he used one of the worst Italian accents I’ve ever heard.)

    Anyhow, Happy Birthday, Mr. Hinds.


  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    Sorry, can’t see the attraction there.

    I don’t like pretty men. This is from my youth. Ex: give me Tonto over the Lone Ranger any day. Spock over Kirk. Heck, I’ll take Snape over any of that Potter lot!

    Nope, Mr. Cavil may be a nice guy. He’s not enough to peak my interest.



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