Monday, Monday

PLANmedThe weekend was a tough one and so I have nothing in the way of interesting stuff to blog about so I thought I’d let you know that I am actually making progress on A Plan of His Own Making.

I haven’t posted for several weeks because I was diligently writing new material and now am in the midst of first draft revisions. Friday is my deadline. Though I usually agree with the late Douglas Adams about loving the feel of deadlines flying by, I have to get this novel finished. Saturday it is going to six brave souls who have volunteered to be first readers for me.

Here’s a very short bit that I just revised: “Looking around the room, he (Wentworth) resigned himself that success or failure would be his in the next few hours. In a perverse sort of way, he would miss another night of fending off  Maria’s seduction.”

Doesn’t that sound fun?

If all goes well, this puppy may be ready to release in May.

All good thoughts that my lazy nature is kept at bay will be appreciated.

Take care–Susan Kaye


10 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Thank you, Stephanie. I’m hoping I haven’t crossed the line with some of these “seduction” scenes. Maria is a horrible person but oh so much fun to write.


  1. Gayle Mills

    *Waves pom-poms in air*
    Go, Susan!
    Go, Susan!
    Get your groove on!

    Consider yourself cheered on.

    (Sorry I’m not more creative, but I had 38 parent conferences between 4 and 7 PM tonight. Total brain drain.)


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I understand the brain drain. Thank you for the raising of pom poms.

      I am on a break. After this evening’s episode of Bones, I’m back to work.


    2. Laura Hile

      T-t-thirty-eight? C-c-conferences?

      I am astonished that you can see to type. Or have enough brain power to log on to the Internet! Brain drain? This sounds like a total “Game Over” evening.


  2. Gayle Mills

    This is my 41st year as a teacher, Laura. I have never had that kind of response to an open house. At times, the parents were lined up all the way down our hallway — probably 40 feet or more. I felt like I ought to have one of those number dispensers on the wall outside my room. And most of them wanted to talk. I didn’t sit down for the entire 3 hours. You’re right — Game Over.



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