The Unified Theory of Everything

jim_parsons_imageIn The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper is fond of yammering on about the Unified Field Theory and how it will explain everything. He can’t even explain why he worships Leonard Nimoy so I have my doubts about his faith in that particular theory.

Anyway, I have a theory that all British actors have appeared with one another is some play, movies, TV show, or at least some voice work together. Here we go for today’s lesson:

BriersRichard Biers has dies. Biers has never done Austen as far as I know but Kenneth Branaugh loved  to direct  him in his (Branaugh’s) Shakespeare plays.

Good-Neighbors-cast-good-neighbors-17395503-666-396Biers also appeared in one of the first BBC shows I saw as a kid: The Good Neighbors (in the US The Good Life). Here Biers is in a cast photo with Felicity Kendall, Paul Eddington, and the wonderful Penelope Keith. (Keith also starred in To The Manor Born. [Laura: Audrey must exert herself.])

kilwillie_hectorThe last role I watched Biers in was The Monarch of the Glen playing the broke and annoying patriarch Hector MacDonald. One of the players in Monarch was Julian Fellowes playing the rich and annoying neighbor, Lord Kilwillie.Kilwillie Now Fellowes, who is no stranger to the aristocracy on a personal basis,  is getting all sorts of costume drama love writing the hit, Downton Abbey. Well, it’s going to be a bumpy summer in the love department now that we know he’s killed off   SPOILER!!!

MCrawleyMathew Crawley. All I can do is quote someone who said about writing, you have to kill your darlings. Yup, kilt him dead. And Fellowes even wore kilts in Monarch of the Glen.

See? While I didn’t prove MY Unified Theory, we did circle around back on ourselves somewhat.

Happy Tuesday.

Take care–Susan Kaye


4 thoughts on “The Unified Theory of Everything

  1. Lani

    So this Unified Theory of Everything, is it related to the six degrees of Kevin Bacon? I figure everything relates back to Kevn Bacon. And everything is better with Bacon (hmmm bacon). And how does KB relate to Downtown Abbey? Well, easily. Hugh Bonneville was in Notting Hill with Julia Roberts who was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon.



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