“And the statue goes to …”


Will you be watching the Oscars Sunday night? Or do you just watch the Red Carpet fashion show to see who and how they embarrass themselves? I like knowing who the recently broken-up with end up taking. Mom’s and managers seem to get tapped a lot.

I don’t watch awards shows. Especially the ones with actors as the recipients. Their acceptance speeches can be some of the WORST performances of their lives.

For people paid to act they should not try to feign humility. They should just break down and rehearse.  You know you want it that badly.

Any movies you wanted to see get the nod but didn’t? Any special moments from Oscars past you’d like to share. Do you have a party? Why?

I’m curious.

Take care–Susan Kaye


2 thoughts on ““And the statue goes to …”

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Bill was surfing the channels and stopped on a pre-pre-pre Oscar show. I was shocked. IN one case a reporter declared that Chnning Tatum’s child will be a wonderful baby because with its parents it will be beautiful. Yes, because we all know that beauty and goodness go hand-in-hand. When they stated the fawning over the dresses, he got out of there fast. I told him that was wise because just like judging ice skating, they save the extra special gooeiness compliments for the late contestants.

      Yuck all around.



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