Great literature – Playboy in Hebrew

PlayboyIsraeli men can now join the rest of the world’s male population and read Playboy “for the articles” as a Hebrew language edition was introduced to the holy land on Tuesday.

What a relief, huh?

Playboy has been widely available in Israel in English for years, but this marks the first edition of the magazine featuring Israeli models and articles by Israeli writers.

Owner and publisher Daniel Pomerantz said, “Our target is men who want a taste of the good life and also women who are curious about the tastes of the men in their lives. I believe that the special formula that has brought Playboy to a rare level of success throughout the world will continue to succeed in my new home Israel.”

It should be interesting to see how well the magazine will be received in the holy land where religious sensitivities are always simmering, and observant Jews and Muslims live by strict modesty rules. Bus stops with ads of fully dressed women have been burned down frequently. Some major advertisers will not use female models, regardless of how modestly they are clothed.

Erotica is freely available in Israel, but not with local talent, and not written in Hebrew. The Israeli edition of Penthouse, the traditional and more daring rival of Playboy, flopped in Israel when it debuted there in 1989.

Pomerantz displayed confidence that the magazine will succeed, saying, “Israel is a very complicated country with tradition and modernity and also with serious things and fun fashionable things and that is exactly the character of Playboy. It is a complicated and beautiful magazine for a complicated and beautiful country.

“People will see just from the words Playboy Israel that we are a normal country, fashionable, modern, people who work every day with a passion and if you read Playboy magazine you see that it’s not just beauty and fashion but it’s also depth and politics and issues, people who care and think about the world they live in.”

Israel’s former internal security service chief, Avi Dichter, is interviewed in this month’s edition. Isn’t that special?

The popularity of Playboy peaked in the 1970′s as circulation declined due to the rise of adult internet sites.

I have noticed a decline in Austen erotica, as well. I think there a point at which the market is glutted, and people become bored. They’re looking for the next shiny, new toy. Titillating is enough for a while, but then more graphic literature is needed to score the same “hit.” Eventually, the erotica becomes more and more graphic, and after a period of time, there is nothing new. I have read a few of the graphic stories out of curiosity, and the extent to which the authors went to introduce explicit material became humorous. A little of that goes a long way with me.

I prefer an interesting story with an exciting plot and believable characters. Good writing will always hold my attention. A thin plot held together by graphic sexuality will not.

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About Robin Helm

Robin Helm's latest work is Understanding Elizabeth, a stand-alone Regency Romance. She joined three other JAFF authors for a best selling Christmas anthology - A Very Austen Christmas. After publishing all three volumes of The Guardian Trilogy: Guardian, SoulFire, and Legacy, she published the Yours by Design Series: Accidentally Yours, Sincerely Yours, and Forever Yours. She and her husband have two adult daughters, two sons-in-law, two granddaughters, a grandson, and a Yorkie Poo named Toby.

9 thoughts on “Great literature – Playboy in Hebrew

  1. Susan Kaye

    Does the centerfold look different when viewed from right-to-left instead of left-to-right? Inquiring minds and all.

    I agree with you about the highly sexualized Austen fiction. there comes a point where ho-hum is about all you can say.


  2. Robin Helm Post author

    Bwahaha! I saw a pic of the cover for their debut, but I couldn’t post it. It don’t think it matters at all whether you view the half-naked girl from right-to-left or left-to-right. Parts is parts.


  3. Susan Kaye

    HALF-NAKED? Try again. An aside: a friend of the family was once a Playboy photographer. It was decades ago and he has since passed away. I’ve never told her how much that skeezed me out. Years ago after Rita Jenrett– wife of a congressman caught in a scandal–posed, she told how the photographer cajoled her and alternately flattered and manipulated her to take off her clothes and pose nude. It was gross and disgusting and while I don’t think the family friend ever would have resorted to that, I’m sure it happens with great frequency.

    Light-hearted boys-will-be-boys nekkidness is not what it’s all about.


    1. Laura Hile

      Bottom line for the photographer was getting the picture. Whatever lies and flattery must be dished out are all part of the game, right?

      We women can be SO stupid, and men like this aren’t at all original.


  4. Laura Hile

    Austen erotica is declining in popularity? Oh happy day!

    The wave of “Ooooh, scandalous!” readers—and the writers who feed them—can move on to something else. It’s past hope that my beloved Jane Eyre (featuring another heroine who sticks to her guns and won’t compromise) will escape erotification. But it’s encouraging to know that readers want stories that deliver more than bedroom antics.


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      The signs are there. If we authors write compelling stories that are clean, people will read them.


  5. Robin Helm Post author

    I’m writing as fast as I can. I’ve finished Yours by Design: Accidentally Yours, and I’m four chapters into the second volume of the series – Yours by Design: Sincerely Yours.



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