“Irish I dare say.” UPDATE


From the sublime:

“A well-looking man,” said Sir Walter, “a very well-looking man.”
“A very fine young man indeed!” said Lady Dalrymple.
“More air than on often sees in Bath — Irish I dare say.”

To the ridiculous:

“…among the nobility of England and Ireland!”

And while we’re at it:

Sir Walter and the Leprechaun by Laura Hile



6 thoughts on ““Irish I dare say.” UPDATE

  1. Robin Helm

    This is one of my favorite lines of the film and the book. Hinds pulls it off perfectly. Lady Dalrymple is impressed!


  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    I couldn’t help adding Lady D. sitting on her tuffet. What’s amusing is we don’t know from the text of Persuasion if Frederick is Irish or not, and know that Lady Dalrymple is.


    1. Laura Hile

      “Along came a spider and sat down beside her…”

      Wonderful images. And there are her attendants, standing at attention stiff as stone. I wonder what they (and her daughter) think of her…

      One gets away with quite a lot when one has money and rank.


      1. Susan Kaye Post author

        And it’s so fun how Sir Walter is right in the thick of it. And all so he can puff himself up by mentioning a connection to Kellynch Hall. The guy doesn’t miss an opportunity.


  3. Susan Kaye Post author

    What did we all do before the Internet? I wonder if we might all be suffering from visual tooth decay with all the eye candy we access these days.

    Ironic I should say this after putting up my own cavity inducers.



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