Writing Exercise

QmarkOne of the symptoms of exhaustion, depression, ennui, whatever must be lack of focus. I’m trying to finish up “A Plan of His Own Making” and that means starting on something else. I have several ideas but my brain is like a big pot of soup and the ideas are like  vegetable whirling around after a good stir. Nothing stays put long enough to be examined.

Maybe you all have some good ideas. Something light and frothy that will float to the top long enough for me to give it a close look and come up with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Any ideas?

Take care–Susan Kaye



9 thoughts on “Writing Exercise

  1. janashe

    since you asked … I’ve always wanted to see a story that does more with the chance meeting of Anne and Mr. Elliot in Lyme. When they pass on the Cobb, I;d like to see him give her more notice, change his plans to stay around to see who she is and if they might build a relationship/flirtation. Maybe he could speak and flirt a little with her at that first passing, get her interest up, before she even knows who he is. Stir Frederick up a bit. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd meeting while she strolls along the Cobb before Louisa gets injured, so that she is truly interested in who this man is. And she stays with Louisa, giving her additional time with him, and Frederick hates to leave but knows he must. Of course, Anne is never truly smitten with Elliot, but is enjoying receiving flattering attention while feeling so uncomfortable and unsure with Frederick. And it gives her an opportunity to encourage the budding interest between Benwick and Louisa, freeing up Frederick.

    Anyway, that’s my thought.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Sounds like you have an outline! I’ve flirted with a story in which Frederick goes to Shropshire first and Anne goes to Bath without seeing him again. My contention is that she would be far more susceptible to William Elliot and Lady Russell’s prodding. When Frederick FINALLY does get to Bath, he’d have to really hoof it to prevent a marriage.

      Whet I really like is the idea of an alliance between Elizabeth and Frederick to break up the pair.

      Thanks, Jan for stopping by.


  2. asobral3

    What about ” The Drifting Moon ” ?
    A loooong short story (doesn´t have to be as long as a novel), no William Elliot please (Anne has her business to keep her busy), just make F.Wentworth sweat a lot (not only physically), after all he has it too easy in “Persuasion” (imo).
    Please think about “The Drifting Moon”. Whenever I go back to the 2 episodes you posted it sounds so much as a story you want to keep reading.
    Whatever you decide, best wishes and the best of luck !


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      DM is a fun story and the one stumbling block is there is really little room for a William Elliot character.

      I’ll go back and read it to see what I may mine.


    2. Laura Hile

      I LOVE The Drifting Moon, and even without a William Elliot character, there are many hurdles to overcome. Result? Delicious tension. Anne is her own worst enemy—doubting herself, fearing to take risks, mistrusting the leading of her heart…and also mistrusting this new Frederick. Who is he? Will he break her heart…again?

      The older we are, the more we come to realize that there’s so much to lose. And men who are “players” are everywhere, most especially (according to Robin) on the beach in Miami. 🙂 But can a midwest diner be any safer? And why has Frederick come into her life now, just as she’s (finally) about to become an independent businesswoman?


  3. lani2013

    Hey Susan
    I know I’m late to this party but I always wondered about Louisa and Cpt. Benwick.

    How does one fall in love over poetry? The guilt and anguish Benwick must of felt falling in love so soon with Louisa after nearly falling for Anne and after the death of his fiancé. And Louisa, what did she feel? Did she remember Cpt. Wentworth and their almost courtship? Did she care? I’ve always kind of wondered.

    I dunno. I think it could be interesting.



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