How Did YOU Meet Jane Austen?

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8 thoughts on “How Did YOU Meet Jane Austen?

  1. cassandragrafton

    What a pretty website! I didn’t know about this (though I see it is linked to Beyond Austen, which I recently discovered). Good poll – will you be sharing how many voted for each option when it’s over? I would be interested to know!

  2. Sophia Rose

    I love hearing about how people came to enjoy Jane Austen and her works. My mother instilled it in me at the age of 8 when she bought me a set of her complete novels and we read aloud P&P together.

  3. Robin Helm

    From the time my sister Gayle taught me to read when I was four, I have read everything I could get my hands on. I probably started reading Austen by the seventh grade.

  4. Pamela Aidan

    I met Jane Austen in high school as a result of a determination to read the classics. Of course, I began with authors whose last name started witn “A.,” which meant–Austen! I believe my high school library only had her Pride & Prejudice.I was absolutely entranced and have been a lost case every since.

  5. Susan Kaye Post author

    At the moment–Wednesday at 2 PM PDST–the poll stands at 69% found Austen through books and 31% through adaptations. I do know that some come to Austen through the mountains of fan fiction available.

    Personally I read the novel Pride and Prejudice first, but came to Persuasion after watching the 1995 adaptation. It think it’s the best of the adapts available but admit it has some plot holes that are filled and tidied by reading the book.

  6. Barbara

    Pride and Prejudice was assigned reading for a college lit class. I had always avoided it before that, because I was sure that if the title was so similar to War and Peace, the content must be as well!


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