How do you like me now?

Melanie redecoration 044

As promised, here are pictures of what my daughter and I were doing all week. I think she did very well on a budget. Most of these items came from Hobby Lobby; Walmart; Overstock; and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Mel and I did the painting, and she and her dad made the canopy over her bed.

Melanie redecoration 048

Melanie redecoration 047

We’ll tackle her living room in the summer,
though we have already put furniture covers
on the Lazy Boy recliners we handed down to her.

Melanie redecoration 022

She’s still collecting word art for her
bedroom. The “Faith” on her bathroom cabinet refers both to her middle name and her beliefs.

Melanie redecoration 038

We were all happy with the way our projects
turned out. What did you do over spring break?


11 thoughts on “How do you like me now?

  1. Robin Helm Post author

    By the way, the rocking chair in front of the window was my grandfather’s. It’s probably 75 years old or so. He actually passed away in that chair, rocking my sisters, Gayle and Layne. I was in my crib.


      1. Robin Helm Post author

        I keep telling myself that, Laura, but there’s no denying that both of my porches need painting, the gutters need to be painted, the floors should be replaced, and I need to throw away or give away about half of the “stuff” in my house.


        1. Laura Hile

          Summer’s a-coming. Guilt your daughter and her man into helping? Naw, you’re not that kind of mom. Still, so much youthful vitality is tempting to use and abuse …


          1. Robin Helm Post author

            Oh, no. I AM that kind of mom, but it probably wouldn’t work. By the time he comes here, he’s so tired he falls asleep as soon as he sits down. She’s almost as bad. Ha!



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