Furry Friend Friday — Meet Mr. Purroit


As a cat-loving Agatha Christie fan, I am delighted to introduce Hercule Poirot’s feline counterpart.

Say hello to Mr Purroit!

And below is his trusty assistant-in-detection, the loyal Captain Hastings.


Happy Friday.


(Thanks to Cheezburger.com and the Agatha Christie FB page for the images.)


3 thoughts on “Furry Friend Friday — Meet Mr. Purroit

  1. Laura Hile Post author

    I do like cats, Robin. NICE cats. The big, floppy, affectionate, purry kind.

    Not the snooty “I’m-too-good-for-you” kind. Or the athletic “Let’s-destroy-the-house” kind. 🙂

    Right now I have no pets, and to quote the McDonald’s ad, “I’m lovin’ it.” Besides, many of my friends are allergic. So I enjoy petting other people’s cats and dogs.

    Of the cats pictured, “Mr Purroit” looks like a snooty piece of work, doesn’t he? And “Captain Hastings” looks dangerously young and athletic.


  2. Robin Helm

    Now you know I’m going to have to post pics of Toby and Chloe. Toby looks at her, and I can tell he’s thinking, “She’s a brainless twit. Why do they like her so much? I hate her.”



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