Why We LOVE Austen

There are times you need to lose yourself in someone else's life.

There are times you need to lose yourself in someone else’s life.

It’s been a helluva week, has it not? I’ve been glued to Twitter first for info about the Boston bombings and then yesterday for information on the manhunt. There are people whose lives are completely wrecked by the actions of others. I am fairly sure that my thoughts and prayers “going out to” people is not very useful, but here on the hill I am praying that they are strengthened and the help they need comes in a way they will recognize and embrace. Around that I do my housework and mull over rewrites.

It’s times like this that Jane is important to us.

Robin’s previous post about hunky Austen and nonAusten actors got a lot of hits. I told her we are all seeking liter fare than was being served up on the national news. (And yes, I am American centric. I realize that not all our readers are American but while I am one of billions residing on this planet, I live in the US and so consider her my neighborhood. I’m that nosy neighbor who is always looking out the window and keeping tabs on who’s coming and going.)

Being that liter fare is what I think we need, I give you permission to take a little time this weekend and pick up an Austeny book or pop in a DVD (or tape) of your favorite Austen adaptation. Decompress a little by losing yourself in a story. I think you know the ones I would recommend.

Take care–Susan Kaye



8 thoughts on “Why We LOVE Austen

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I love Fraiser. Who can take him and his monumental ego too seriously? Though, I am now growing more understanding of Martin and his health issues. :-O


        1. Susan Kaye Post author

          I feel like the Martin of the Austen writing world. I’m just a blue-collar girl trying to make my way. Sans a bullet in the hip.



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